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CyberBuzz Radio is a love affair with neon drenched disruptive tech and great synthwave music

I livestream every week with new music and artists to share, do Q&A about the Hive blockchain and beyond, with great discussions and dance parties around some of the changing aspects of our world, the crypto space, blockchain, and community. Have fun, learn a little, chat a lot, ponder whether or not we're all just replicants... what are you waiting for? Come join me in the neon~
We're just normal friends with abnormal everything else 🖤

In this episode...

Despite your very great desire that I only be drunk and say stupid, incriminating things so that you can all laugh harder at me I persevere through a really fun and varied show that ranges from classic Transformers to how our brains perceive reality in VR and fill in the gaps for our other senses. Though you tried very hard to troll me, I managed to stay on target and entertain myself, at least! (Butts. Big ol' butts, in AR, everywhere! 😂)

In the first segment of the show, I discuss how it's the 35th anniversary of Transformers the animated series and movie. If you weren't young enough (or a big giant dork who likes big giant dorky robots) this might actually be a great opportunity for you to check out a fabulous piece of nostalgia from a simpler time. Hasbro Pulse (on Youtube, here 👈) is releasing all seasons of the original show for free and without commercials. While it might not totally be up your alley, if you are looking for something bright, vibrant, and filled with visions of silly sci-fi and unrelenting optimism, put this on for a binge watch or share it with the kids in your life. While the movie came out the year I was born, I still hold such a love for this series because of the incredible upbeat and positive message of it all- there are very few animated shows like this any more (even if it was literally created just to sell toys) that focus on responsibility, teamwork, appreciation, and friendship without tipping the scales into too preachy or woke.


Speaking of, first track of the show was Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way (inspirational!) and it's part of one of the greatest soundtracks of all time, fight me.

Ahem. Moving on.

One of the most interesting things about virtual reality (VR)... that it showcases the incredible abilities of our brains to expand upon the sensory information we pick up day to day. In the second segment of the show, I talk a little bit about Dennys Kuhnert and Hand Physics Lab, which is a really fun VR game that is an experiment in all of the things you can do with... well, hand physics! When your eyes are seeing a digital interpretation of your hands that do not actually exist in a completely virtual environment, it can be incredibly difficult to imbue items- and the extensions of your own body- with weight and presence. Hand Physics Lab is an exploration into how our hands work, what they're capable of, the way that they connect to the rest of our bodies, and how to create scenarios where it feels completely realistic to use phantom limbs to manipulate ephemeral concepts and materials. When you study the way our hands work in the real world, you can create incredibly realistic virtual experiences. It's really cool!

Using your hands to do things in VR that you're only imagining you're actually doing is a bit excessive. SEGUE~ between topics, check out Perturbator's new track Excess, covered by HEALTH.

One of the best things about being a bitcoiner... and a Hive user, is trustlessness.

We discuss what that means, especially when it comes to Hive's scalability and how resource credits and delegation work (trustlessly!) I spend a little bit of time making a bad analogy on how RCs work if you were to think of them in fiat terms (boo!) and also remind everyone that Bitcoin doesn't care. (Hooray!)

Somewhere in here, locked in the chain, Lost in the Cloud- which is actually a new track by Waveshaper.

...followed by Obsolete by DEADLIFE.

Something that's far from obsolete is the rise of engaging and useful AR!

As we wind down from petting cats and squishing rubber duckies and sticking your fingers right through the bones in your own arm, we talk a little bit about the potentials of augmented reality. AR is when an additional,virtual layer is superimposed over and above the actual environment around you as viewed through a special lens or screen, and in this case, we talk a little bit about the interesting applications this will have for training and learning, whether in hobbies or vocational subjects. A great example is this cool link to a program that will overlay notes to an actual physical piano you are playing in real time to help you learn visually in a similar way to rhythm/music games that have become popular over the years. If the sky is the limit (and it is-) what do you want an AR program to help you learn?

I hope you have as much fun attending, participating in, or rewatching these Cyberbuzz Radio shows as I do creating them for you. 🖤

If you have questions, comments, or a topic or project you want me to feature on the show, shoot me a message! The idea of a combination livestream/podcast/live radio show is a bit confusing, but I'm so proud of what we're creating. If you want to find more amazing shows by cool people from around the Hive blockchain community, check out all of the djs from @mspwaves and the full schedule at

Catch you out there in the flickering neon sometime?

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