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Cyberbuzz Radio is a love affair with neon drenched disruptive tech and great synthwave music

I livestream every week with new music and artists to share, do Q&A about the Hive blockchain and beyond, with great discussions and dance parties around some of the changing aspects of our world, the crypto space, blockchain, and community. Have fun, learn a little, chat a lot, ponder whether or not we're all just replicants... what are you waiting for? Come join me in the neon~
We're just normal friends with abnormal everything else 🖤

In this episode...

If there's one thing we talk about a lot on CBR, it's the aesthetics, art, and design of science fiction. In fact, many weeks, myself and all of you will dive back into the "retro" visions of the future that have directly impacted the sci-fi of today... synthwave music and cyberpunk imagery are both really a combination of the things that we look back at nostalgically, paired with hopes and dreams for the future packaged in imagined technology. So it shouldn't surprise you that for this episode we hopped back into this topic once again- but this time I wanted to focus on one of the wildest, most colourful, most expansive, most INSANE dreams of science fiction design that never ended up existing: I'm talking about Jodorovsky's Dune. Now, I'm linking a trailer to a documentary below, as I think actually think it's one of the best I've ever seen. However, what a lot of this Cyberbuzz is about isn't that you should go watch it (you should,) but more importantly:
This version of Dune never got made. This movie never existed. And yet... it literally changed the face of sci-fi, movie making, and technology that we're starting to create NOW, as we know it. A movie that never existed, that couldn't be completed, and that is only clearly remembered by the people nearest to it, had a profound impact on the things that are no longer the future, but the right. damn. now.

Many people never read Frank Herbert's book, until David Lynch made his movie version of Dune. Many people never watched the old movie until hearing about Denis Villeneuve's current blockbuster offering of Dune in 2021. And somewhere in the midst of all that, is Jodorovsky's version, floating about in the ether as a pile of sketches and ideas and colours and people- and though you've likely never heard of it, it's shaped almost everything you know about science fiction, which in turn has had a literal impact on the way that we view the future (now that we're in the future that the past has already predicted), the design of our products, and the technology we're creating. You know this dream of Jodorovsky's, even though you don't know that you know and you might not know a damn thing about Dune except that one time Christopher Walken did a dance routine on the ceiling and I think someone mentioned worms in the song?


Hold that complicated and confusing thought for a sec. There was some great music in this show, and some of it goes here:

Without rewriting the whole live episode for you, the team that Jodorovsky assembled to make his version of Dune as a movie (before anyone else had even thought about it) became the foundation for the team that created some of the most important sci-fi films of all time. HR Giger was relatively unknown until Jodorovsky got him onboard as the Harkonnen designer- he brought on Dan O'Bannon, who was literally left homeless by the collapse of the film, and who went on to make Alien (and got Giger involved) while living on his friend's couch. From there, the rest is history. Ripples outwards in time and space and here we are in the 2020s trying to make the tech that we could only dream of in the seventies and eighties and that inspired both the artists and mechanical engineers of right now. Whoa. In between topics we spun a new release track from Dynatron, and an older fave by Daniel Deluxe.

In other news, Steam has banned any games with NFTs and cryptocurrency from the platform.

I don't always cover recent events, but there's a lot here to unpack. Most people on Hive are well ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to understanding how NFTs are shaping gaming, art, and value transactions! We discuss at length some of the implications and reasoning behind this blockchain ban from the major game distributor, and there are two big aspects of this to consider. NFTs in gaming will not be going away any time soon- this Pandora's box has been opened, and we're now in the space where the demons that have been released are reshaping the world. On one hand, distribution platforms don't want to see anything that keeps assets, monetization,and control out of their hands... which is exactly what crypto was designed to do. On the other, the last decade's trend of "loot boxes" and micro transactions are now being recognized for what they are (gambling. They're gambling.) and this is something that's being transferred over to blockchain. Without more education and advocacy, people who don't fully understand what's happening in this space see most cryptocurrency and NFTs as gambling too- and that gives platforms like Steam the perfect excuse to distance themselves. It will be interesting to see where everything goes from here. Where we go for the end of Cyberbuzz is a place where we listen to a few more tracks before winding down:

And finally, as the last topic... Nokia Bricks. THEY'RE BACK BABY!

I mean, this was one of my first phones. Almost everyone had one. They're the pinnacle of tough tech and personal communications. I mean, arguably, mobile phones peaked right here. Fuck the supercomputer that contains the entire universe in your pocket with professional production software and cameras... I just want a week long battery and to play snake. We reminisce about the best of the best of the tech that might just be on par with blockchain. (I may look at this little guy with rose coloured glasses. What can I say? I loved this phone and I love crypto. I make no apologies.) So to hear that they're releasing an anniversary version is story time show worthy in my books. If you stayed for the whole show, you may have even caught my embarrassing anecdote about old ring tones.

I hope you have as much fun attending, participating in, or rewatching these Cyberbuzz Radio shows as I do creating them for you. 🖤

If you have questions, comments, or a topic or project you want me to feature on the show, shoot me a message! The idea of a combination livestream/podcast/live radio show is a bit confusing, but I'm so proud of what we're creating. If you want to find more amazing shows by cool people from around the Hive blockchain community, check out all of the djs from @mspwaves and the full schedule at

Catch you out there in the flickering neon sometime?

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