PhotoBomb challenge #251 - Entry #1

Hello dear PhotoBombers,

This is my first entry for the PhotoBomb challenge #251 hosted by @fibra59 thanks to him, let's be funny and creative !

You can find the rules and the last winners in this post, so you can participate too:


If you believe a little in magic, if you are a fan of fantasy readings, if you have an overflowing imagination, this picture and this MEME should not surprise you.
I've always been impressed by the rigidity of the royal guards in England, a real living legend.
But one can also imagine things the other way around, maybe they are wooden soldiers who come to life (a little) for their turn on guard duty and then return to their wooden statue state.
I have a doubt now, I need to think about it more.

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Let me !LOLZ with you 🤣

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