Meme Challenge #304 - Entry #1

Hello #MemeArmy

This is my first participation for the Meme Challenge #304 hosted by @fibra59, thanks to him.

You can find the rules and the last winners in this post, and maybe you could participate too:


I refer in this meme to an instance of HIVE that is supposed to protect the community from abuse.
If the goal is commendable, the practices are less so, no warning, no defense possible, obscure operation and referral to another social media platform for further explanations.
Who created it, who finances it, who runs it, who controls it?
I would add a certain nauseating complacency in accepting the presence (since 2018) and posts of a member referring in his nickname to the worst hours of history. Even though he says he doesn't work for this instance, there are references that should not be joked about ....

Image editor: Photofiltre

Let me !LOLZ with you 🤣

I invite @memess.curator to have a look

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