Launch of FRIDAY - Brand New Discord Notification Bot for Hive and Hive-Engine!

Introduction (scroll down for Discord link!)

Hello everyone! A little over a week ago, I announced that myself and @rishi556 were working on FRIDAY (for the feature list, both planned and currently available, please read that post), a brand new Discord notification bot for all your Hive and Hive-Engine needs. Today, after about a month of extensive testing and lots of feedback from users, we believe that the bot is ready to launch.

The launch will, unfortunately, won't include all the features so far. Since we're counting this launch as an "open beta" as opposed to "1.0" of the application. Basically, what we want is for people to start using our bot regularly, on a daily basis, and give us feedback if they have any. We will continue to develop and add more features as time goes on (probably a weekly update will follow this post, every single week.)

Last week, we have done some major changes to how the bot works.



Brand new settings page (frontend) for adjusting account settings. (huge thanks to @yokunjon for his continuous support)


Claiming reward balance notification.
Pricefeed published notification for witnesses.
Pricefeed too old notification (older than 24 hours) for witnesses.
Beneficiary reward arrived notification.
New account parameter "Witness". (you will not see witness settings if the account you are monitoring is not a witness)
Vote tracking (downvote, upvote, unvote with vote values) (we currently don't calculate the reward curve)
Properly stripping markdown/HTML from transaction bodies.
dCity Presidental votes notification, both sent and received. 
dCity Lobby votes.
Hive-Engine token stake, both sent and received.
Hive-Engine market place order (buy/sell)
Hive-Engine market cancel order (buy/sell)
Ability to monitor words and tags for new posts. (new post in tag or someone said "xyz")


Huge optimizations to the DB and API calls done.
More caching for global parameters. (fewer API calls than before)


Fixed some potential errors with scheduled curation/producer rewards.
Fixed mentions.
Price feed properly monitors witness_set_properties transaction.

With the features above being mostly working optimally and correctly, we believe it is ready for a production open beta. Henceforth, the launch :)

That sounds awesome! But can I run my own instance?

Unfortunately, not for now. The application currently relies on too many unstable/unreliable code without your own Hive and Hive-Engine full node so we will not be open-sourcing it just yet. Furthermore, the requirements for running the bot is quite high. (Explained further below)

Running the Bot / Requirements / Support the devs :)

As you can probably imagine, the bot has to do a lot of API calls and DB queries. Therefore, it currently has its own Hive and Hive-Engine node (localhost) the bot, for the time being, requires knowledge in NodeJS, Javascript, MySQL (and of course, Hive and Hive-Engine) to run. Hopefully, over time, we will try simplifying most of these requirements where it would be easy enough for most people to start an instance of FRIDAY. We will try to open-source it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if you would like to help us cover the costs of servers and development, please consider voting @deathwing and @hextech (@rishi556) as your witnesses! You can do so on peakd or (alternatively, you can click our names directly there to be redirected to

Start using FRIDAY today!

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