Votify - An Open Source Voting Page for Hive-Engine Witnesses


Hey guys, what's up!

This week I created a voting page to be used by Hive-Engine Witnesses. This tool was heavily inspired by @cadawg's tool for Hive Witnesses.

I posted about it on Hive-Engine's Discord and got some great feedback. Now that I implemented most of the features for the "1.0.0 version" I thought it would be good to post it here. 😅


The "API" stuff I mainly did so I could avoid those freaking "mixed content" errors and warnings that were bugging the hell out of me, so by using this "API" I could get a "secure" proxy with the node, and the browser would stop complaining about those errors. And to be honest, deploying endpoints on Vercel is almost too easy for me not to do it.

P.S. I also fixed a display bug (reported by @primersion) with images that have an uneven aspect ratio.

Website: https://votify.now.sh
Source Code: https://github.com/DannyChain/votify

If you like this tool and want to suggest a feature or report a bug you could do so by replying to this post or directly at https://github.com/DannyChain/votify/issues/new

Oh, and if you want me as your Hive-Engine Witness please cast your vote at https://votify.now.sh/dannychain 😉