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An Introduction to Cybersecurity


Most of the time we think that cyber means internet but cyber in this context is cybersecurity and it involves internet, system, network, devices. Some devices can be connected locally to one another. So one become outer and data. Because they are connected to one another it is happening in a space that is called "network" and it is a communication between one suicide and another through addresses.

For examples, Apple is one of the company building a robost ecoysyem, Google is another, Samsung is another and they are gravitating towards that. All the tech companies are working towards having consumer based electronic and industry based electronic system. They find a way where each of this devices communicate.

Within your apartment your Samsung watch could be communicating with your Samsung phone and could also be communicating with something else in the house. i.e you have an Apple based community, you have and iPhone 12, iWatch, Apple TV, Apple ear pod, each of this device uses Apple inbuilt chain to communicate. Once they communicate with one another, they may not at that time be connected equally to the internet.

Cybersecurity is just partly the internet. Anything that is connected and communicate is still within that phase of the definition.
And, security means you are staying safe and it does not mean problem will not come.

There could be state hacker and non-state hacker.

  • A non-state hacker is a person/individual trying to get access into your system for his own self benefits, either to make money.
  • A country can launch a cybersecurity warfare with another country, so they form what is called a state hacker they would be able to use their own resources especially if one is not technologically advanced than the other to cripple the infrastructure of the other country and it goes beyond laughing missiles and it is now surveillance, data gathering, data analysis and data manipulation.

Security means that there will always be threat. Threat exist when vulnerability comes in. Humans are vulnerable, means whatever we do, whatever tech we birth will have trace of vulnerability.

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