Introducing HiveLink - Allow users to select their frontend of choice when you link to another post.


HiveLink - Open Source Hive Frontend Selector

HiveLink is a frontend selector which lets you select your favourite frontend and include a frontend-agnostic way to include posts and user profiles.

If you already have an "always use" frontend, it'll take you straight there, but you can always reset your preference on the Hive Link Homepage, otherwise it'll ask you to select and you can check the box to keep it as your default and not ask you again.


Profiles - Will take you to that user's profile on the selected frontend


Extra Features

If you want the user to select a platform, even if they have a default, you can add ?force_select to the URL like

Reset your frontend choice


Click the one button and it'll forget your frontend selection so you can select a new one next time or every time, your choice.

Thanks for reading, hope you find it useful.
~ CA