HE-AWM 1.2.0 - Hive-Engine Auto Witness Monitor

HE-AWM 1.2.0

Finally finished this planned work! Not much at all, to be honest, but always something you need to verify and have some level of certainty before releasing.

In this version, I have adapted to the new Hive-Engine 1.3.0 code and tested for a couple of days already, while fixing any bad flies...

Highlights 🌵

  • Witness scheduled and signing messages now integrated
  • Added Round to the output
  • Fixed some operational issues
  • Timestamps now show per message instead of the previous per-loop
  • Allowed for more than two consecutive misses if they are 1-block only (tested under the 20 witness level)

Next? 😍

I haven't been able to progress as much as I wanted. Time has been not extending as I wished for... but I still have the same objectives under the horizon.

  1. Set up a secondary node for testing (preferably on the sh...ty cheap hardware I found) - should work great though!
  2. Add real initial status of node witnessing (instead of statically assuming via script).
  3. Upgrade the method of guessing stability from JS/API calls instead of the log (or in addition).
  4. Add failover functionality (to another node).
  5. Allow tighter granular scans with meaningful log output. This will be useful for the long term (for bigger/busier nodes).

This is what's on my head at the moment at least. Again, I will do my best to commit to the fun of doing this while potentially helping around with the experience I have (not necessarily in the blockchain arena). Which might not necessarily be on coding, but maybe as an overall package.

Not a Guru 🤫

I keep saying, "I am not a coder", and I am not. But I can read about anything I wish... just takes a little bit more time, sometimes! Although, I love (or would have loved to follow) a programming career. Instead got into engineering... which has somehow a very common background! One of which is the pinnacle of my skills, troubleshooting! (maybe 🤔)

And because of that, I could not wish for more than posting under the Programming/Dev community. Hopefully, I will learn something! 😅 🤣

😎 That's it...

Not much on this one, but I am around as usual. Troubleshooting anything I can find teasing enough for me. And continuing on this growing blockchain family experience. Also, if you have some friends and love to chat about any of this, your will more than welcome to visit the @atexoras.pub. 😅

🗳 Vote for Hive-Engine Witnesses here!!!

If you like this work, consider supporting (@atexoras.witness) as a witness. I am going to continue this work not just as much as I am permitted to, but also because it's really great fun for a geek like me! 😋😎