WE129: One of the things that I want to learn is sewing.

One of the things that I want to learn is sewing.

As a woman and now I am a mom it's seems like I need to learn and practice sewing as a part of repairing some of my son's and my husband stuff. I am not good at sewing and I admit it. When I was a teenager I didn't remember a time that I sew my clothes because mom was always the one who did it. To be honest I really admire people who are good at sewing because I am easily got bored doing it until pandemic came.

When remaking of preloved clothes became a trend I find myself interested on sewing clothes. Imagine from a simple long sleeve the sewer turned it to beautiful dress. When bear market came and I got anxious with my online hustle I also find ways to earn in real world and I thought of sewing some preloved clothes and turned it into scrunchies.

This is a sample of the preloved long sleeve that I bought online and I until now I still keep them because Im still hoping that I can do my plans on sewing some scrunchies that I can sell here in our area.

Since I don't have a knowledge when it comes to sewing I searched some tutorials about sewing and simple patterns.

If you take a look with the history on my YouTube account, it's all about sewing.

If I had given a chance to have a knowledge in sewing this weekend I would definitely grab the opportunity as I really want to learn especially using a sewing machine. I know learning how to sew is a great help for me especially that I am a stay at home mom. I can make a small business if I learn how to sew some simple clothes.

This last halloween party of my son I make a DIY Halloween costume. It is a hand sew costume and I'm really happy that I did it well. I really enjoyed making the costume and it's really fulfilling when you've done something that you really want. I didn't tried to sew on a sewing machine and that's what I want to learn.

This is my entry on @galenkp Weekend engagement 129 and I choose this question..

You have to choose one item below (that you don't already know how to do) from the list below and begin to learn it this weekend. Explain your choice in at least 350 words. Do not write a fictional story, explain it from your point of view and thoughts

Knitting and sewing clothing

That's all for today's blog. Thank you for reading 💕😊

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