[WE114] You're the best thing that ever happened to me.

Hello lovely hivers and hello weekend experiences community. I hope we are having a great weekend 🌸

Last week I wasn't able to participate in WE113 because of some reason but today I will participate and this post will served as my entry for WE114.

As I am reading the question for this week engagement I became a little emotional because the question makes me reminisce the past. Maybe I have a lot of regret that's why or I have lot of what's if and moments that I want to happened again but I choose not to mind it anymore that's why I choose this question

Below is the beginning of a sentence which you need to finish. Explain what the thing is and why you answered as you did.

The one thing I will never regret in my life is..."

The one thing I will never regret in my life is to get pregnant, bear my son for 9 months, gave birth via CS operation and became a mother officially.

I still remember those times that I can really feel that there's something on my tummy. My pregnancy was planned as we let it happened but it's called unplanned because we were not married yet that time. It's was January 31 when we made it. Yeah I remember the exact date because we both know that whatever happened we will accept it. It was February 19, 2018 when I decided to have a pregnancy test and it was positive.

This is my pregnancy test kit way back 2018 and I'm really happy, excited and at the same time I feel fear. Maybe it's a common feeling for the first time mom like me.

I am 25 years old that time and I am ready to became a mom. Everyone was excited upon knowing that I am pregnant.

My pregnancy is not that hard. Thanks to my little one because he never let me experience anything painful. I don't have cravings when I was pregnant. I don't have any mood swings, well sometimes?

I am a working pregnant mom. I still worked on my 37 weeks and 2 days after I file a maternity leave I already gave birth.

There's a lot of changes happened when I gave birth and one of the major sacrifices that I need to do is to resign to my job and be a full time mom. It's not really easy as I used to work for a couple of years but I did for my son.

It's not easy when it comes on adjustment period. There are times that I am crying because of post partum depression. There are times that I feel that I am left by the world because I am a stay at home mom. But despite of those feeling that I felt I never regret anything.

My son is the best thing that ever happened to me.

You know the feeling that your life is not yours anymore because there a little one whos depending on you. Every decision you make , you need to consider your little one. I have lot of realizations when I became a mom and I appreciate my mother more when I become one.

Being a mom is not easy but it's really fulfilling.

I am proud to be a stay at home mom for almost 4 years already and proud to share my journey about my motherhood as my entry on WE114. Thank you @galenkp for this initiative.

I want to invite @creepymeow and @eybyoung for this weekly engagement 😉

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