Here's To The Next Hundred Years!

When I was thirty, I was selected for a limited trial research program. They gave me the choice of either retaining my physical health and physique as it was then, or the current state of my mind. I knew right away what my choice would be.

Our brains need to change for us to learn and grow. I wouldn't want to remain at the current stage for the next seventy years. And really, is having the brain of a thirty year old, but barely being able to move really living a quality life?

Yes, it would be infinitely better than having a disease such as Alzheimer's. But I don't have a family history of that type of thing, so I will take my chances, if it means going into old age completely healthy.

Anyway, I'll probably still act like a kid, even at a hundred years old ūü§£

On the other hand, being able to enjoy what I was capable of doing at thirty for the rest of my life is very appealing. Imagine being able to still appreciate your youth, long after it has passed?

And never having to worry about normal health issues due to aging, or even unexpected things such as cancer is a dream come true!

So many people think they will be able to enjoy doing what they want "later". But when that time comes, they have to adjust their expectations because of physical limitations.

I was given the chance to make those bucket list adventures a reality. At ninety, I'll be able to not only relive my thirties, but thoroughly enjoy all of the activities associated with that age!

Aside from the obvious increase in quality of life, I'll still be able to do pretty much any type of work that interests me. Assuming that I still want to work.

Which leads me to another advantage! If my body never slowed down, I wouldn't have to worry about money. I could pull all nighters at will, for work, fun, or to improve myself.

Quite a few of those all nighters will doubtless be dedicated to researching, trading, and investing in crypto. With enough energy, perhaps I'll be a millionaire and travel the world in style!

Yes, wisdom along with excellent physical health will be an unbeatable combination! I will just have to find a way to make it last as long as I live.

I didn't ask what happens when I turn a hundred and one, but I'm hoping that the downhill slope is gradual. Because I'm not in any hurry to see the fun come to an end, I plan on keeping abreast of all current research on anti-aging.

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