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Hello my friends, it is a pleasure to be here again today I share my experience in this wonderful Community, our friend @galenkp offers us several proposals, this time I chose "Déjà vu ". Below I share with you my reflection.


How many times we encounter strange situations that leave us breathless or paralyzed, it is a strange sensation that we feel when we go to a place and it seems that we had already been there, considering that it is the first time we know it, also situations, events and even people we see for the first time but your interior tells you that you had already seen it, this happens to many people, particularly I have experienced it and I was confused, this is what we call Déjà Vu.

It seems to surprise you, but it is the reality that we go through moments that you live for the first time and you remember it as if you have already lived it before, in your past, you confuse it as an old memory that was stored in your memory, but in reality it is not so, then you start to have strange feelings, today I will tell you my experience.

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On one occasion, I traveled to another city far away from my country, it was the first time I went, in a walk we went to know a historical place called The Castles of Guayana, I was delighted because I like those places, immediately I entered I felt a strange energy, it was as if I had been there before, I walked through that place with tranquility and ease, and I edited each piece in it, I even passed images of people through my mind, I was so surprised that I did not want to leave that place so familiar, because I felt that many times I had been in that place.


On another occasion, 21 years ago I found work in an institution, I went there for the first time, I did not know anyone, when I arrived and introduced myself to my boss and welcomed me he introduced me to many colleagues, everything was normal when suddenly a colleague came in front of me that left me paralyzed, he introduced himself and when I looked at him and listened to him he seemed familiar, It is a strange sensation or awe that shocks you and leaves you breathless, you start to remember but when talking to him neither his name nor anything about him I would have to know, all his energy was of the one who knew him from a part I immediately sympathized with him, and I spent days trying to know why I swore I had seen him before, but in reality there was no credit.

There are other times when I experience situations that I feel I have already experienced, this happens to me frequently and I am left with my mouth open because it is as if I have repeated it many times and I am confused.


This is my participation this weekend in the initiative of my friend @galenkp inviting my friends @daysiselena @antoniaruiz Here .


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