Would We Ever Meet Up? #Weekend Engagement Contest, Week 199

This question has been echoing in my mind for the past few days. My aunty was blessed with a contract to produce souvenirs for a ceremony which will be taking place someday in the month of April. The mobilization fund was paid. It is not in our custom to disappoint clients who patronize us. In fact one of the lessons I have learnt from Aunty Jane is that she doesn't play with her work when it comes to satisfying her customers. But now it appears as if the opposite will be the case here. Not only am l concerned because my aunty might not meet the deadline, but Grace got to know that my aunty can produce souvenirs’ leather bags through me. Now her whole family has entrusted the contract of producing over 200 units of souvenirs into my aunt's hand.

Why worry? Aunty Jane has used some of the money to upset her children’s school fees. There were expectations that Pastor would get some money from his work place as he had been promised since the beginning of the year. But the expectation is yet to be fruitful. Faced with the pressure from the school and with the imminent consequence of not allowing the children to write their terminal examinations, Aunty Jane decided to risk it all and took out some of the money in her possession which was for the souvenirs and settled the children’s school fees. This wasn't a foolish idea at first because there were strong indications that her husband would be given the fund as promised by the church he works with.

Now, the expected money has taken too long to come in. Both pastor and Aunty Jane are seriously worried because the delivery date for the souvenirs is less than three weeks from today. I am more disturbed because Grace has been my dearest friend ever since I came to the city. We knew ourselves in school and have been getting along ever since. The fear of meeting up with this work becomes my greatest worry. Though all hope is not gone because Aunty Jane is contacting friends who could borrow her materials to finish up the job. I couldn't get the worry over that job off my mind.

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