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Here I am today, sitting on my parent's bed in their room, reading the topics for this weekend's engagement, hmmmm, and I am asking my sister, "What's with the questions for this week?" "Just look for one you can relate to," she said with a smile, and I thought, "OK, let's pick this." Let pick sex over beauty, i know some people may be against it , but it my face right? And we humans like to be sexually active right?

As I go on, I'd like to ask, "Who doesn't like sex should raise their hand?" Well, I don't think anyone can tell me they don't like sex, and even if one doesn't, you just have sex for the benefit of the body. I heard there are medical benefits to having sex.

A healthy sexual life is good for your heart. Sex, in addition to increasing your heart rate, helps maintain your estrogen and testosterone levels in check.

Also do you know Individuals who have sex have larger levels of what your body uses to fight itself against bacteria, virus, and other invaders.

Therefore choosing to be attractive while not having sex is akin to asking someone to die; as we Nigerians say, "BODY NO BE FIREWOOD." Meaning that the body is not a piece of log that should not be active, and because there is blood rushing through your veins, there is always the possibility of experiencing sexual feelings.

Well the topic suggested to be good looking and not have sex or to be ugly and have a lot of sex, so I'll stay ugly so I can keep my spirit and soul operating since it would be like being a walking corspe. I'm not sure what other people think.😜

The truth is that no one would choose to abstain from sexual activity in order to have a nice face; furthermore, what exactly does having a lovely or attractive appearance even mean? I attempt to consider the beneficial, which implies that I am only being attractive or beautiful for myself.

Looking beautiful is not a terrible thing, but there will be far too many consequences if you do. That is just my perspective; many people might go with the opposite course.

I think I've succeeded in persuading you of my reasons for preferring to be ugly and have lots of sex than being attractive.

This is my response to galenkp weekend engagement post
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