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Tell us about when you first moved out of home and took control of your own life independently from your parents. Were you nervous or excited by the prospect, were you forced to leave or was it by choice? How did the process go - smoothly or were there problems?

One day, everyone will be like a pair of young birds, leaving the warm breast and firm embrace of their parents, to fly away on their own. Perhaps, if people do not control their own lives, people will not be able to shake off their youthful and primitive appearance, to put on their shoulders a brilliant adult shirt. I think so. Because, thanks to being independent, leaving the comfort zone that I have always lived in, and walking step by step on the long and arduous life path, I have come to the life that I have always wanted - a life that I have always wanted to live. I live in which I control my time, finances, work and happiness. Every story doesn't tell the opening, and the first time I moved out of the house, was the beginning of the independent life story I wrote.


That's when I received my college admission results. I was very surprised and happy because I passed wish 1 - the destination that I pursued in that year's exam. However, the joy was short-lived, and the excitement of me and my family completely disappeared when the admission days approached. The school that I entered is located in a big city, from where I live, I have to go through two other provinces. So, if I want to study at this school, I can only stay in a boarding house or dormitory. But, it is a large school with a reputation and prestigious training quality in the region and the whole country. Surely because of that, the tuition fee has also become expensive, for my family - an ordinary family, not to the point of poverty, but the income is just enough to eat and clothe. Plus the cost of living and studying each month, it turns out, those will be extremely expensive numbers. This made me think a lot...


And, the thought of earning money to pay for my studies unconsciously popped into my mind. It happened when I received the first scholarship from the school, for freshmen who achieved high results in the entrance exam. I calculated: “Suppose, I receive a scholarship and have money from a part-time job, the problem of studying and living every month will no longer be a problem. If I save up, there is a possibility that I will be able to pay for my tuition next semester without bothering my parents to send money…”. When I discussed this with my parents, I thought they would be surprised. Yes, they were very surprised. I also think that when a child with little experience in life and who has never been too far away from home for more than three days like me say that, parents will object or at least have a bit of a reaction against his decision. I. But, other than surprise, nothing else happened to my parents. At this point, I am the one who is surprised. My mother just held my hand and patted me, with tears in my eyes, and my father gently taught me many things, from not trying too hard, eating well, paying attention to health, to balancing study and work. do, even if it's difficult, more or less, just tell the whole family,... My throat tightens with emotion, the tip of my nose is hot. I choked "Yes!", "Yes!" and his face was wet with tears. And like that, after that day, my family and I prepared for my upcoming study.

Then came the day when I said goodbye to my family at the bus station. Still the same familiar instructions, still repeating the passionate hugs, but my heart is not boring but just keeps stirring the anxiety, restless. Although this is a decision of my own choosing, in truth, somewhere in me still hides confusion and anxiety. It was a clear day, and the sun was shining brightly. It seems that the beautiful scenery here is smiling to calm the turmoil in my heart, letting the wind shake the branches and leaves to bid me goodbye, with my heart, I say goodbye to the old life and send me off to the threshold of a new life. ..


But, “all beginnings are tough”, so is my university life. When I first started, from absorbing new knowledge in the lecture hall, to selling online, I also faced many difficulties. I learned from a friend who has been doing this job, so the problem is not in the experience, but in approaching customers, because I am a "new ghost". The orders, to me, at the time had to be called "expensive" like gold. But fortunately, my application for a scholarship became a lifeline for me. After that, thanks to the good quality of products as well as the progress in the method of promotion, my business also became more convenient and busier. Looking at the money I've made myself, my heart is filled with emotions. It made me feel appreciated and cherished and made the money my parents gave me in the past days even more precious. How hard did it take for my parents to accumulate much money? This made me even more determined to my original goal.

Of course, making money is not easy, if it were easy, everyone would be rich, and I don't need to worry so much. At times, I feel pressured and exhausted because of the endlessly piling up deadlines, and the delivery sessions throughout despite rain or shine. Apparently, the rest of my day is only when I sleep. Balancing study and work is really difficult. If that's what I want, I can only shorten my leisure time. Many times I shed tears because I could not get rid of the worries and fatigue that surrounded me every day. But, when I recall my mother's smile when I got the scholarship again or the times when my father ran from my house to visit me, only to proudly exclaim: "Your son is so good!", I It feels like I have more motivation and strength to continue the journey. I know that although my parents will comfort me and comfort me, they will also worry and blame themselves if they hear me express my feelings. So I try to squeeze that into the word "remember" in my phone conversations with my parents...

Fortunately, every effort pays off, just taking care of the tree will flower, after months of relentless hard work, at the end of the first year, I bought myself a new phone and a new phone. A first laptop from the money I've earned so far. At this point, I can't help but be proud of the result. And of course, the first person I want to share it with is my parents. More than a boast, it's also my thanks to them for allowing me to challenge myself with a new life all this time. My pride transformed into the joy and happiness of my father and mother, which lingered on their endearing and contented smiles as they welcomed me back, perhaps seeing me grow up, or seeing me achieve what I want,... That achievement for me is like a big cake filled with happiness, but when I gnaw on it, I have more energy to continue to conquer the next difficulties and obstacles on the way to the future.


For me, the “firsts” are all memorable, and the first time I moved out of the house, being in control of my life was a time that I will never forget. Perhaps, thanks to those intense moments, I was able to fully live my body and soul with the goal, initially independent and self-controlled in my own life, so I became more mature. a great number of. I'm really thankful for that moment...

Thanks to @galenkp for creating this contest and asking interesting questions, it reminds me of what my youth was like. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Wish you good health. And here is my entry for The weekend community contest. Good luck to those who entered the contest with your entry.

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