Reunited with My Japanese Younger Sister <3

It was in the year 2018 when I first met a very bubbly and kindJapanese lady through a common friend. We were both invited to a small dinner and gettogether by a friend named Hannah.

Hannah was my classmate in the TESOL seminar I took that same year. We somehow became really close especially because we tend to go home together as we live in the same city. We also have some similarities which made us click.

One night, she invited me over for dinner because she's going back to her hometown the next month and said that she wanted to introduce me to a Japanese friend who was her former student. That was when I first met Yui.

We stayed there until almost midnight because we had a great time chatting that we didn't notice the time. It so happened that Yui and I live in the same part of the city, so we headed home together. She was then living with her husband's family. (She's the youngest among us three, but she's the only one married.. haha She married a Filipino.)

On that same night, Yui and I made plans to go zumba in the city hall's plaza that week. During that time, there was free zumba in front of the city hall every Friday afternoon, as well as on the weekend. And since we live near each other, we went there together.

That time, she stayed in Cebu for a few months... and since our first meeting, we have met at least twice a week for zumba or she just hangout in my house. We grew very close and she became my younger sister. She's also very close to my parents and our baby doggy Arashi.

This was taken the night before she went back to Japan. That guy at the back is her hubby.

Later that year, she went back to Japan. We kept in touch and update ourselves with our lives and all. She's truly a little sister for me. In January of 2019, she actually came back to the Philippines, but she only stayed for a few days since she only had to process some papers.

This was taken in 2019...

She also left for Japan the next day. Then, pandemic happened and we haven't met in person for a long time. Last 2021, she gave birth to a cute baby boy Kairi. She just updated us with her life through messages and pictures.

Late last year, she sent me a message about her plan of visiting the Philippines again... and we finally met after four years!!!!!

We invited her over for dinner last weekend. She loves "liempo" and "lechon manok", so we prepared it for her. She was very happy to have it again. She even said "Natsukashiiii~~~" (Nostalgic!!!) after each bite. hahaha

She came here with baby Kairi, but during dinner time, baby Kairi was sleeping. However, in the middle of our meal, he suddenly woke up and so we also stopped eating. lol We eventually finished our meal .

Baby Kairi was moody at first because he just woke up and was hungry. After drinking milk, he was so energized that we spent the whole night dancing and playing. His dance skills was definitely from his mother. haha We had a disco-slash-zumba night at home while reminiscing our memories.

Mama and Papa were also very happy to see her and of course, Kairi. Even Arashi was so happy to see his other sister again. Yui was so happy that Arashi remembered her.

They're going back to Japan soon, but we plan to meet again before then. <3 I'm really glad to spend time with her again and to finally meet my nephew Baby Kairi who is super cute and sweet.

Yui also gave us some souvenirs from Japan. She's really thoughtful!

This is "furikake" which we can sprinkle on top our our rice. The package is Boku no Hero Academia anime, one of my faves. There are four flavors which are egg, sake, salmon and small fish. We can enjoy rice even without any viand with this! haha

Since I'm mostly in front of my PC because of my job, she gave me these eyedrops to help me rest and refresh my eyes after work.

Chocolates!!! The dark one is definitely for me while the milk one is for mama and papa. haha

Green tea and some roasted rice tea... I especially like roasted tea, so I will truly enjoy this.

I'm happy to receive these souvenirs, but more than that, I'm extremely delighted to spend time with my younger sister again... and this time, with my cute little nephew.

We're meeting again this week before they leave for Japan, so I look forward to spending time with them soon. It's kind of sad to say goodbye again, but surely, we'd get to meet sometime in the future.

Thanks for checking this post out! I had an awesome weekend last time! <3 See you around!

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