My Very Eventful Weekend! (Shopping, Fire, Concert, etc)

Last weekend must be one of the most eventful weekends I've had recently. As you know, I'm mostly at home either working or lazing around during the weekend. However, I was able to have various experiences last weekend... especially last Sunday. It was definitely extra special.

Let me start with my story telling. :)

It was one of those weekends when papa and I have to go shopping together, because I'd need to do the transactions myself. It was just around 10 in the morning that time but it was quite hot and humid. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I had to go out.. even though I didn't want to... lol

Luckily, when papa and I reached the main road, there was a taxi. We then decided to take a taxi instead of waiting for a long time for the usual tricycle. Somehow, it helped lessen the heat and there were these cute stuffed animals which made me smile. :)

Good thing, there wasn't a lot of people in the office where I had to do the transaction. There was a problem, though. Although I could exchange my "Shopper's Card" points with a couple gift certificates, I wasn't able to purchase it in the supermarket because their computer for it was offline. hahaha Anyway, there isn't any expiration date, so papa would just use it next time.

It was still around 11, but we know we're going to take quite a while, so we decided to have some lunch. It was so funny because we used most of our cash in the other store because we weren't able to use the gift certificate, so we didn't have enough cash for our original lunch plans. Oh well, we could always eat on a budget. hahahaha I also brought my own water, so no need to buy more overpriced bottled water.

We mostly bought stuff for the store and also for our own consumption. We also bought some ingredients for the food we're going to share on Christmas eve. Sadly, my cousins and aunts won't be able to spend Christmas with us this year, so it'll just be my parents, me and Arashi. I do hope to spend time with my cousins again, though. I miss them so much.

When we went out of the supermarket, this caught my eyes. There's fire happening in the distance. We were waiting for a tricycle, so we could go home. It was only a couple minutes when that smoke turned into this.

A lot of firetruck passed by and we were also able to see more as we headed home. According to the tricycle driver, the fire started in an internet cafe. They still don't know the cause or how grave the situation was. Hopefully, everyone was safe. It's really sad to experience some tragedy or disaster... more so when Christmas, which is a special holiday for Filipinos, is coming. I remember how literally dark and uncomfortable our Christmas was last year because of the super typhoon. Please stay safe!!! <3

Later that day, I was having the usual talk with my parents. I was eagerly talking about SB19 (my favorite P-Pop [Philippine Pop] group) because I was just checking their updates online. I was aware that they're going to have a homecoming concert. The past months, they had a concert tour both in the Philippines and abroad, and I was just sharing my excitement for them. I was proud of their achievement despite all the bashings and bad comments they had at first. I became a fan around 2020, so I just feel so happy for their achievements. The homecoming concert is going to be held in the northern part of the Philippines which is so far from my area.

Mama asked me if there's a way to watch online. I said yes, but that it's quite pricey and I don't really have money for it because there are other things that I'm prioritizing at the moment. When she knew about the online concert, she and papa decided to give me an early Christmas gift. I refused at first even though I really wanted to (lol), but they insisted... so I happily and excitedly accepted it. She then transfered some money on my account and I was able to buy a ticket. T_T Waaaaa~ I'm so happy that I wanted to cry.

Sunday night... I even rescheduled my Skype class because it was in conflict with the concert schedule. Luckily, my student agreed immediately.

I accessed the livestream on my laptop and connected it to our TV so we can enjoy the concert on a much bigger screen. While waiting for the concert, they played some SB19 songs and it made me even more excited.

The homecoming concert tickets were immediately sold out. It just shows how the fans are happy of their achievements here and abroad. They really made us proud because they're introducing P-pop to the world. Their hard work and dedication is really paying off. They truly deserve it.

We really enjoyed all their performances. They also had some special guests like Jay Durias of South Border and Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, the Asia's Songbird.

Mama and I are also such huge fans of South Border (a Filipino band), so when Jay Durias sang one of their songs together with them, we were extra giddy. He actually co-produced one of SB19's songs and he has always been a huge help to the group, so his presence in the concert really means a lot.

As for Regine, it was so fun to watch. Despite their achievements, they showed how crazy fanboys they all are. Regine is a veteran singer and is really famous in my country. I felt so touched when she called the boys "P-Pop Kings". It's indeed a new era of Philippine music, and these boys successfully started it. <3

The concert lasted for more than two hours and it was one of the best two hours of my fangirl life. I haven't felt this way for a long time. The last time was when I watched the DVD concert of my favorite Japanese idol group and that was years ago.

They reminded me of that awesome feeling of just floating and enjoying the music and their performances. I really admire them and I feel so inspired to do my best, too. What I like the most about them aside from their amazing performances is the fact that they're pretty hands-on. One of the member creates their songs and lyrics, another co-produce their works, the others make their choreography and one of them is their own creative director as well. You can clearly see their dedication and passion towards their craft. <3

Anyway, my weekend... especially my Sunday was a blast! Thanks SB19 and thanks to my parents for the early Christmas gift. <3


Allow me to leave the video of their dance practice which made them viral and where everything they have achieved has officially started. Feel free to check out their other videos and songs as well. It'll definitely be worth it.

Thanks for checking this post out! :) Have a great one!

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