My Cheat Day Saturday!!! <3

I had a really great weekend last time, especially my Saturday. :)

Mama has already decided even the week prior that she's going to cook some carbonara. I'm a sucker for pasta dishes, so I got really excited about it. I especially like Filipino-style spaghetti with lots of cheese, but I also like carbonara.

Because of that, I decided to pair it with some sweet dessert as well. We don't have any oven, so baking a cake from scratch would be impossible, so I decided to make a no bake cake. :)

It was easy to find the ingredients that I'm going to use since we have them in our store, so I just got what I needed there. haha I took a bunch of fudgee bar cake, kremdensada (which is a combination of cream and condensed milk) and coffee. :)

I then sliced the chocolate cake bar into half and flattened them into a container. I used crumbs to fill in the gaps.

In a separate bowl, I mixed in the chilled kremdensada and added a couple teaspoons of coffee, to make it less sweet and I just love coffee-flavored cakes, too. hahaha

I poured it in the container and started putting in my second layer of chocolate cake.

As for the toppings, I grated some dark chocolates.

Good thing I still have some of them left, but I actually just grated 2 of them. :)

We placed it in the fridge for a couple hours... and we're able to enjoy our no-bake coffee chocolate cake!

It was so delicious. I'm thinking of using other ingredients in the days to come... maybe on my next cheat day? Mama wanted me to try making something utilizing some fruits... so I'm thinking of making a mango cake or the no-bake banana cake or maybe the banana flan I saw on TV last time. haha We'll see. :)

By the way, here's my mama's carbonara. It was also really good. <3 It was so creamy and cheesy. Totally perfect for my cheat day!

While we were having lunch last Saturday, my uncle (father's cousin) suddenly came because he had some favor to ask and also wanted to catch up with papa. He bought some beer for both of them, but he also gave me my share. hahaha

I'm not a huge fan of alcohol or beer, but I like the taste of this one. It's apple-flavored beer. It actually went well with carbonara and cake. hahaha What a cheat day, indeed! I really need to exercise more this week coz I surely ate a lot last weekend!

We finished the leftovers yesterday, after all. hahaha I had a busy Sunday as well, but I'll talk about it next time. <3 Thanks for checking this post! <3

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