Decorating For Christmas (Sunday Family Bonding)

Only a few weeks left before Christmas and my family and I finally started with our Christmas decoration. We usually do it after Halloween or around the first or second week of November.

In the Philippines, Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays. It's also the longest as you can already hear Christmas carols and see Christmas decorations as early as September. People are already so excited for it. Well, it's a season to be jolly and most family who live far from each other gather for a family reunion around this time.

Let me show you our Christmas decoration this year which my parents and I did last Sunday.

We usually put some Christmas lights and other decoration outside our living room windows.

This is how it looks like at night. We actually just reused the ornaments and lights we had last time. Sadly, we were not able to have a very merry Christmas last year because of the super typhoon but we are very hopeful this year.

This is how it looks during the day. These are all reused ornaments and lights.

These figurines were the oldest. I remember decorating our previous place with them... and to think we have transferred to this place for more than 10 years now.

Anyway, here are some pictures of when we tried decorating the house.

Papa is usually in charge of decorating this part because he had to install the lights and all. While mama and I would take care of the Christmas tree which we're going to put in our welcoming area.

These are the only new stuff we bought this year. Mama wanted this color... She actually wanted to have a white Christmas tree this time, but our old Christmas tree is still good to go, so we decided to buy a new one next time. Also some of the lights need to be changed next year.

These are old Christmas balls which we're going to decorate on the window... mama and I categorized them by color.

These are the Christmas balls we're going to put on the Christmas tree together with the new ones. We decided to just decorate with Christmas balls plus single-colored lights. Simple is best, after all. :)

We also categorized these old sparkly ornaments for the window. :)

Mama and I already finished decorating the tree while papa was still trying to figure out how to utilize the ornaments. Hahaha

Here's how our Christmas tree look like this year. <3 Isn't it pretty??

Decorating the house for Christmas last Sunday was a nice bonding time for me and my family. Every night, we can now excitingly anticipate Christmas.

Our neighbors, especially the kids, also enjoy watching the view at night. It just feels so happy to see some Christmas decorations. It isn't much, but it's more than enough to spread the spirit of Christmas. :)

How about you? Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, have you decorated your house for the special holiday, yet? With or without decorations, let's all enjoy the holidays with our loved ones.

Thanks for checking this post out. Until next time! (^^,)/

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