[WE114] Weekend-Engagement :"The one thing I will never regret in my life is..."

Greetings to everyone in this cute and fun weekend community.
I am encouraged to participate in this interesting initiative of @galenkp, in which I will answer the second question."The only thing I will never regret in my life is..." since for me it has a lot of value.
The only thing I will never regret in my life is being a mother.
Well, with the birth of my son, my other self was born, the strong one, the one that can do everything, the tender and loving, firm and responsible.
When I was young I had a hard time speaking and in public it was a horror... when my son was born that remained in my past, he was a very sociable and talkative child like no one else, today he is a young man with a career.

The children, even if they leave our side, are for life and there is no book that tells you how they are going to be because they are born with their personality, you just have to guide them and teach them everything so that they can face life and in their walk They can only get up from their stumbles.
Being a mother for me was something really wonderful that I would never regret, it is gratifying to know that we contribute to the growth of a new generation that does not have to be like ours because the world evolves.
Dear friends, here I leave my modest participation in this contest, I wish you all a happy Sunday.

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