I finally Got CLEATS



Yaaaay, I'm super excited. I have being frolicking around like a little kid that only just learned how to walk. I honestly can't contain my excitement. Getting this has being a long time coming, but now I could finally afford it. Okay, let's go back a bit. I haven't being active due to my lack of access to internet. Men it's so frustrating. I couldn't even host my weekly hive-discord book discussion. Anyways, a few days ago, I joined the boys to play football. Boy, it was a much needed exercise. I was knackered. I still feel aches from that day. I didn't have soccer boots to play, but I managed to use one of my old sneakers. Let's just say it ended badly for the sneakers. Today I went off to the market to get soccer boots and I ended up with this babies.



I am both relieved and excited. I remember only a few years ago when I would use my barefoot to play and get all sorts of bruises and cuts. Good times. The boys were supposed to play football today, but there was a function today. A 25 year priestly anniversary for one of the priest/formators/registrar of the Seminary here. I have photos, but I don't think I'm allowed to put them out. Hopefully tomorrow would be my debut, xd.



Got the cleats for $13 or so, and the hose was for a dollar. I know it's weird, but I keep sniffing the cleats every single time, haha. Hopefully I'd get photos for you guys. I doubt it though. Thank you for reading through my rambling again. Till next time. Cheers.
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