Squirrel Sunday - Life of a Squirrel

Here is a glimpse at the life a squirrel for this #squirrelsunday
Here is a young juvenile squirrel just starting out on its own. It has to figure out what is dangerous in the world and stake out territory of its own.

Life is hectic just starting out. It has to run away from larger squirrels defending their own territories. Often the resources it requires are guarded by stronger foes so it has to be fast.

As it grows older it gains experience, size and battle experience to be able to defend territory of its own. It does remember that there will be younger upstarts vying for its own territory.

There are other creature to worry about as well, like these waxwings eating all the squirrels berries.

Of course there will be larger predators that the squirrel has to look out for. Death from above is the most common way they are taken out.

All is not strife and business in a squirrel's life though. They often find quiet peaceful places to relax in.

They can ponder various squirrel philosophies in these peaceful moments. How many walnuts does it take to survive a winter and where can I hide them?

Sadly though even the most healthy squirrels that have played their cards right get old and die. Hopefully this one has found its way to the happy hunting grounds in the afterlife. I would imagine it lived a nice full enriching squirrel life and hopefully was able to have some pups.

That's all for now, thanks for looking :-)

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