Squirrel Sunday - Dieting Season

The squirrels are back for #squirrelsunday

The squirrels are trapped in a Malthusian season where there are no ripe acorns or walnuts available. What will they ever eat?

This squirrel has taken to eating bland bark while the acorns and walnuts start to grow. It's a great weight loss diet.

This one is eating grass. Very boring to squirrels but its a great way to get fit and healthy for the Chicago marathon.

This one is headed towards the dandelion field. Now the squirrel will be able to lower its blood pressure and lose some winter fat for beach season.

This one is on a frozen fast diet. It will stay still like this to conserve energy until the walnuts start falling down. Not very effective especially if a fox comes walking by looking for a chew toy.

This one has found a hack. The less desirable propeller seeds taste almost like an acorn or a walnut. Just be weary of the psychedelic side effects of eating these things squirrel.

This one is experimenting with some strange tree seeds. Perhaps these fibrous things will provide enough sustenance until the walnuts start getting ripe.

Careful taking pictures of squirrels eating these things. Your camera lens might get hit with some squirrel diarrhea.

This innovative squirrel is seeing if he can cut to the chase for obtaining sources of energy...

If only I can find the right wire to bite I will be filled with energy and there will be no need for food. I can just charge myself up like a battery. The squirrel's theory was halfway right, he bit the right wire and no longer had to forage for food every again...

That's all for now, thanks for looking :-)

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