Just The Thought Of The Chicken And The Rice. #weekend-engagement 199

Lying is deception and character demeaning. The truth, they say, shall set free. The truth is that if there is one thing that is in my mind now, it is how this year's Easter rice will taste. How entertaining it would be. How about what we will use to eat the rice? Will there be chicken? Is it goat meat that we are eating this time? Are we going for beef? But I don't really like beef for Easter and Christmas celebrations.

I might sound curious or childish. I might sound funny. But the prompt for this week’s #weekend-engagement says if there is one thing in your mind, what could that be? I would be lying if I fabricate some funny and goodly stories for the competition when actually the celebration of Easter is all that is in my mind. I chose to be honest.

I always like the festive seasons. They beam joy and gladness in my mind. I love it when my parents bring home some stuff which I know they are meant for the celebration. I love it when I go visiting friends and eating the delicious meals their parents also prepare. I equally like it when I am visited by some school mates just to share the joy of the season with me. Easter is fun.

The radiance from the Easter season has always been that of celebration. We can't help because from our childhood we have been made to love and always watch out for the coming of Easter. There couldn't be anything else that could feel my heart this weekend than the thoughts of Easter.

The picture I used as my cover picture in this post is that of a children's camp out. We hold it in our church every Easter. I don't understand what the economy will bring out for us this year. I know the prices of things are highly inflated. But I just wish there would be rice and chicken for tomorrow. 🥰😀

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