Hive Communtities Initiative- ENGAGE THIS WEEKEND ON HIVE

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Hi all you Hivers,

@theycallmedan has set up an initiative to get Hivers to showcase our favourite communities. It can be difficult sometimes to know where to post things. I've listed a few in my video but I can't stress enough how important getting engaged is. If you're voting on something because you like it why not leave a message. Tell them why. It obviously caught your eye for a reason. Follow them they'll most likely post more stuff you like. Share it help both of you. Encourage people in your posts to leave a message. Build Hive community relationships. If there isn't one out there that you think could cater to people on the hive create it. Also if you've liked this post , reblog it and get the word out about these communities

Stay safe people wherever you are on the planet


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