Love and Loss WE103 - The Unforgettable Weekend


There are events in my life I never wished to remember not to talk about putting into writings, especially on the blockchain because they will remain here permanently for life. Such events include "The Unforgettable Weekend." story that I am about to share. As I thought it was worth sharing because I believe someone here can learn something from it.

I am most grateful to my friend @galenkp for creating those wonderful topics to write about. This is my first post here.

As we all are making effort into being perfect, along the line we may experience some ups and downs. We may find ourselves doing things we never want to do. But in all that does not change who we are. Perfection is a process we grow into, and not something we automatically get into in a day or months or even years.


On that dreadful Saturday morning as early as 4:08AM her message drops on my DM.

What came up was the shock of my life. So I wanted to be sure if she was honest about it. This was how the whole story of my life changes based on what she told me.

This was the beginning of a traumatic incident, this is something I never expect. What am I going to do? How will I face the church, my friends, and my neighbours? What will I tell my parents? What about the people I have inspired? 😢 😭

With so many questions going through my mind when am not fully ready to become a father.

Don't think that I am irresponsible. I am!
Don't ask me if I later continued with my sleep. How could I?


Days, weeks, and months passed all I could do was lock myself in my room thinking about my errors, the stupid and most foolish thing I have done. I became the talk of the town, I was depressed, sad, bittered, and felt hated I couldn't even sleep nor do anything for myself anymore for months.

Even in all things, I was still a very caring partner to her. Because I know she's in more pain than I was. All I could do was be there for her, comfort her, prayed along with her. I believe God is always merciful even in our wrongs done, He will forgive us once we receive forgiveness from him. He doesn't count our wrongs against us.

During this period, I saw those who cares and loved me despite the mess I've gotten into. There were continuous calls, texts, and chats from a few friends trying to comfort me because I believe they know what I was going through.

While Those I expected most to be there for me, where know where to be. Everyone has forsaken and abandoned me, not even a single call or text came from them. I felt disappointed.

In my spiritual life, I couldn't even do the activities I used to do, I couldn't pray, I couldn't study, I couldn't go out for Evangelism anymore and my happiness was gone. Even the people I believe to be my friends were all gone. I was left alone with just a few lovable and most caring girlfriend, and some other true friends that never leave nor abandon me. I was so grateful to still have some of them in my life.
It was a dreadful and chaotic time of my life.


When everyone forsaken and abandoned me, I was sure that God did not. What has happened has happened, and there is nothing that can be done about it. We just have to face the reality and move on. I know that God's love is not like men. God does not condemn us for our wrongs. He loved us not because of what we do or did not do. His love is unconditional. Those and more were the words that kept on encouraging and strengthening me. And some other advice and encouragement from my good friends and family members.

In short, I used the Word of God in dealing with whatever it was through the help of the Holy Spirit in me. And also no matter what, I just had to move on. What has happened has happened, there's nothing we or I can do about it. Am so happy that I have gotten over it now.

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