Nice Weekend Well Spent With A Friend


Been having a boring weekend for a long time, this is because my daily weekend routines are always the same. I wake up in the morning, do my usual morning chores and activities, then go to the living room and watch movies. That’s practically how my weekend goes, am getting tired of it as am seeking for spontaneous activities now. I got a call from one of my college friends who told me he just arrived Lagos. Lagos is a very popular state in Nigeria. I stay in Lagos, I have been staying in Lagos for a long time now. My friend decided we see because the last we saw was last year. So it’s been exactly one year we saw each other.

We agreed to meet each other at the Ikeja Lagos Airport. I got to the airport and we saw each other. It was all excitement since it’s been so long we last saw each other. Being an indoor kind of person I really don’t know any chill spot to hang around when outside. So I chose the only place I knew which was the Ikeja City Mall. It’s a mall in Ikeja. My friend wasn’t used to driving around this side, so he was extremely conscious on the road. He didn’t want to follow the wrong lane not to get stopped by the road authorities or miss a turn.


While moving, we experienced a little traffic, Lagos state is known for its special feature Traffic. Traffic is almost inevitable when you are moving around Lagos. He decided to use Google just incase but we didn’t remember to use the Google map because I have directions through the journey. Finally we got to the Mall, but we were very early because we got to the mall past 9 am. We decided to to meet by this time because he had some other place to be and knowing how Lagos state and traffic are best friends, meeting early was the best decision we could make.


We got to the mall and decided to chill and give a recap of our lives since the last time we saw. The popular KFC restaurant was one of the restaurants that had opened. So we went inside placed some orders and went to our sits. It was really nice talking to my friend because we talked about a lot of things, including business and any possible money making opportunity.

After eating we decided to go visit someone and see if we can have an amazing time there. We went there, although the person wasn’t someone I was familiar with, but it was nice socializing and making new friends.


Here is a picture of my friend and I, I am the one with the white cap while he is the one with the black card. It was a nice day, way better than my usual weekend.

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