weekend-engagement: Living Independently

Hello everyone

From given topic I will go with the option four because this heppend with me now. and here i am sharing with you.
Parents are the powers of their children, When their child is in pain or in any problem they feel the same also, and try to help. And when they feel their children are going adult they force to move an other places "Getting Education, or Earning purpose" Because they want to see their child mature. The same story is with me I become Independent at the age of 20 years.


I feel a pain little bit in my heart while leaving my parents. My mom hugged me and she was just pretend to be happy but internally she was crying. My father did not faced me while going to an other place he just left the home for some work. I understood that he can not see me while going towards far from them that's why he went outside saying that I have some work. Now I am living an other place lahore Pakistan since one month.For preparation of exam I have joined academy where I go daily also I have joined the Quaid-e-Azam Library where is too good environment of learning . In library there are alot of books what ever you want to read you read about 200000 books in library shelf's.


There are alot of problems while living alone you have to see each and everything means all managements are upon you. Too much eating from outside is not good for health. That's why you have to take care also that's why I found an auntie living near me I ask her for food two times she said yes I give her payments of my expenses. There are alot of things I have learnt while living alone. no one is going to help you. Do it on yourself. I feel thankful to the all social media applications they just connected us through video calls my mother call me daily at night.Love you mom 🥰


Those who are hard easy to break 💔

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