Week 120 Weekend-Engagement / the green weekend

Weekend Engagement Concept The Green Weekend

Hello guys this week I am following a contest. My green weekend. Green color is everywhere you look. Green color land. Green tree. There are colorful green buildings around the city.

Thinking about this, today I traveled towards the Idgah grounds in the city. Eid prayers are offered here. Currently, this fish is closed, here cows and goats are eating green grass outside the field.

I took a stroll through the residential area this afternoon and managed to capture this photo. I know many wonderful scenes or images can be seen in the afternoon. That's why I sometimes go out for a walk in the afternoon. This afternoon managed to capture a scene of beautiful green color. Where there are open sky with cows and goats and buildings.

If the green color of the open field is not clear, then the field is zero. If there is green grass in the open field, there is movement of people, cattle and birds. Because they like to eat green grass. I think cows never have bad eyes because they eat green grass. In that case, if people eat green grass then surely people's eyes will never get damaged. I said this from my opinion.

Small mango trees are seen here by the side of the field. At present these trees are in small condition. But in a few days the trees will grow and mangoes will be seen here. It is surprising that mangoes are green in color. All around us in Bangladesh is green and green. We live in the green and we Bengali nation is a very beautiful nation, there is hardly any falsehood, dishonesty, badness in us.

So today we participated in the contest by presenting two beautiful pictures of the weekend. I draw attention to the admin. As a new member of the community, today I am here to present everyone. Be well and be healthy.

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