Enjoying the beach with my young daughter.

The sign displays the name of the place," Protected Natural Landscape Rincón de Guanabo "

Hello, I greet all the hivers of this community, today I approach you to share my Saturday outing, after a week loaded with work and different daily life issues, my youngest daughter asked me to take her to the beach. At first, I was a bit resistant because I still had pending work, but we both really needed a break.

Even though I tried to take the whole family, meaning, to also bring my wife and older daughter, it was impossible for reasons beyond my control. Well, for that reason, my daughter Melissa and I prepared ourselves to enjoy the adventure.

We left very early in the morning on a motorcycle headed to Guanabo beach, located on the north coast of Havana, Cuba. We went directly to a protected area called El Rincón de Guanabo, where there is always a very calm atmosphere and beautiful nature.

As soon as we arrived, we could appreciate the beauty and transparency of the water. In fact, my daughter and I were the first to arrive at the place. As soon as we entered the water, Melissa noticed something floating at the shore of the beach and when we went to investigate, we became very sad because they were the remains of the ventral fins of a turtle victim of illegal fishing. I'm not going to post any pictures of this because it is very sad and unpleasant. I took the opportunity to explain to my daughter the importance of taking care of these beautiful animals and their importance for the environment, and how some unscrupulous humans still catch them even though they are in a protected area.

Well, the rest of the trip was wonderful because I was able to teach my daughter a bit of swimming and how to use the diving mask and flippers to perfect her swimming technique. Another thing that made us very happy was the presence of a fish around our legs almost the whole time we were in the water. In this case, it was a small pompano that was very attracted to the hair on my legs and came to give me small bites on them, which caused Melissa a lot of laughter, as every time the fish bit me I jumped, but only because of the surprise as they were very small bites that didn't cause any damage. I also told her about the usefulness of creating protected areas for endangered species and how this contributes to the sustainability of life on the planet.

When we had to return, it was really hard to get Melissa out of the water, because she was very happy with her achievements as a swimmer and her beginnings in freediving, less than a meter deep, but she was very happy because she learned something new and also very useful for her life because the ability to swim is always necessary.

When we left that area, we went directly to the town of Guanabo to snack on something, because swimming a bit always makes you very hungry, and we decided to satisfy ourselves with a delicious sandwich with roasted pork. After spending some time snacking, we went home. When we got home, Meli's first thing was to tell her mom and sister about the good time we had and the sad and happy things we experienced this Saturday, especially her experience with the pompano fish and its bites on my legs haha.

The sign displays the name of the place," Protected Natural Landscape Rincón de Guanabo "

Well, friends, that's my experience of this weekend which was very comforting and pleasant and leaves me full of energy to face the new week, thanks for reading me and I would like to share your comments.

All the pictures were taken with my Redmi 9A mobile phone, and they are my property.

Translations using the Deepl software, if there are any errors, I apologize.


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