[WE114] Weekend Concept initiative: I don't understand people who seek the acceptance of everyone.

I am clear that being social beings it is normal to seek the approval of people in certain social situations, that we ask people's opinion about making a decision is normal, but in the end this should be based on our preferences, taking into account that consulting others is adaptive and healthy.

I don't understand people who seek acceptance from everyone.


Acceptance from others becomes a must, and leads people to submit to the opinion of others. This prevents behavior in a natural way, based on our own convictions and decisions.

The need for acceptance causes many things to be done unconsciously, and when this is not achieved there are people who feel rejected, showing low self-esteem because they think that others are worth more than them, they feel lonely, afraid of not being recognized in the social area or at work, and tend to be conformists.

When we have our own criteria it is often possible that some people do not accept us, however, this is an indication that we do not let ourselves be carried away so easily by the majority, we decide with autonomy and our own arguments and we accept the good or bad consequences that all this entails.


I know people who always say yes to everything that is asked of them, try to look good with everyone, appreciate others' ideas more than their own, agree to do tasks or favors they don't want to do, and don't ask for help from others so as not to bother.

If they are not accepted these people develop a feeling of guilt and low self-esteem, I could not explain why we betray ourselves by not doing something we want, to do something that others want even if we know that our criteria is correct.

We must submit situations to our own criteria, which we are forging with our experience and our reflections, do not live experiences or other people's lives because we will not learn anything from that. We must develop critical and creative thinking, which is fundamental and very necessary to be able to live. This helps us to act in a reasoned, premeditated and studied way and to be stronger and firmer in our present and future decisions.


We should not be afraid to give an opinion since it is possible to listen to different points of view to reinforce or reject our ideas. Everyone has a criterion and we have the right to be confused and to learn to make decisions and the fact that someone gets upset, rejects our opinion or does not like something about us is normal. It is impossible for everyone to like our opinions or our person, and besides people are free to accept us as we are, they should also respect our opinion even if they do not share it.

I believe in freedom and free will, I do not support groups or societies that are not framed within my criteria of upbringing and established moral values. I accept criticism that helps me to improve and to obtain greater skills and experiences, I behave according to my upbringing and try to help others according to my possibilities, if they accept me as I am, I am satisfied, if not, I do not worry, because I know that I have personality and I am able to handle rejection without attacking my self-esteem and my convictions.

This is my participation in the [WE114] Weekend Concept initiative, Link Here sponsored by @galenkp.

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