[WE 120] Green means health, perseverance and security.

The town of El Consejo in Aragua State is located between the cities of Caracas and Maracay in Venezuela and is characterized by its hot climate and spectacular landscapes dominated by trees of various types and its spectacular blue sky. It is an area that stands out for its wide spaces, destined to cultivate sugar cane, coffee, cotton, tobacco, cocoa and bananas.

In this place is located the Hacienda Santa Teresa and within it the old train station El Consejo.

Apart from the beauty of the Hacienda Santa Teresa with its huge trees and wide skies, this station, which was part of the history of my country, attracts a lot of attention since it was an important part of the Great Venezuelan Railroad that operated between 1894 and 1966. This railroad was also known as Ferrocarril Aleman.

Being in that place for me is like going back to the end of the XIX century as a passenger. I understand that in addition to passengers, it transported agricultural cargo and livestock along 179 kilometers.

As a result of the oil boom, the predominance of automobiles and the construction of highways, the use of this means of transportation fell into disuse and the station fell into ruins.

But in 1988 the station was restored for tourist and cultural purposes.

In these beautiful green places these locomotives are exhibited that make the natural landscape stand out even more in a very recommendable place to visit and relax.

Right in front of my house there is a park that serves as a place for all the neighbors to relax, since most of us have to wait in long lines to go to the city of Caracas and to return to the city of Guarenas.

Generally this place is used to exercise, take the children to play, and use exercise machines, this almost always from six o'clock in the afternoon since the sun in Guarenas is inclement.

However, this picture was taken in the rain and I can say that this is exactly the place that tells me every time I see it that I have finally reached the tranquility of my home.

This is my participation in the [Week 120] Weekend-Engagement concept Link Here promoted by @galenkp in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community.

The green weekend

Share only two photos that focus on the colour green and write at least 300 words in explanation. It can be anything at all, but the main colour in your two images has to be green. Tell us about the place and situation, when it was and what you were doing there. You have to use your own images though.

I hope everyone has a successful and enjoyable weekend. Best regards.

The photographs were taken with my Iphone 4 cell phone, and are my property.

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