To my BAEby Boy


Getting the right words for this post was the most challenging. I need a break. Love in itself is a challenge.

For the life of me, I suck at writing words like this. I'd much rather just smile and let it do the wording.

A blank book, some may say. But I say you came and filled my book with your words.

I feared to love again, because bae, if once bitten twice shy was a person, it'll be me.

I took my sweet time and waited patiently for you to leave before it even started. You didn't.

I have loved. Not once, not twice. But you make this feel different and right. Like a mother's love to her young.

I dare to say I haven't seen a person so child-like, yet so strong-willed. You make me want to shower all my love.

You bring out all the affection I've never had to spare. Tight-fisted with my love was what I used to be, but now I'm scared I might never have any left for anyone else.

You don't know this, but you showed me how to never hold back any ounce of love. Now my guards are down, but I do not regret.

At first, this was just going to be like anything else. Nothing so special, like a bad bitch would. Reality check, helpless love is what it is now.

Happiness doesn't do justice to how you make me feel whenever I'm around you. I chuckle and laugh at everything you say or do.

It's not obsession, I promise.

Knight in shining armour, mi amor. These words rhyme, I try. I wouldn't lie, because you're mine.

How did we meet? I like to say we met before we even met. But our first meeting was the cheek-to-cheek conversation we had. Love birds.

Making you laugh has to be my new favourite thing in the world. I'm a funny bone, I know. But the satisfaction I get from knowing I made you laugh, hits differently.

I'm never giving up on this. Drake said, when I see potential, I just gotta see it through. It slaps.

You call me beautiful and show me off to your friends. Why do you hit my soft spot so effortlessly?

I am in a never ending love and that's all my heart knows.

Love comes and love goes, but my bae is here to stay ❤️

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