Happy birthday my hero my father "weekend activity"

So today is weekend and On this day my king was born Happy birthday papa . We are so grateful for all of your love and support. Happy birthday on this day Royalty is in the way you walk talk and love You are priceless for us Happy Birthday papa

Thank you for being a role model In my life a father figure and a man worth being proud of Have a beautiful brithday papa..


Thank you for making me have a hint of God with your exceptional fatherliness. As you begin a new year, may you grow from strength to strength, glory to glory, and from honour to honour. Love you baba sain


Images are taken by me
Today we all siblings give a surprise to our day he was very happy to see his suprise and he was givings us lots of prayers father are the backbone of family and indeed this truth we should love our father and give him respect so much Beacuse parents are so periouss gift to childreren given by Allah almighty Every of your input shall yield great results. Welcome to your best year yet papa

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