My beautiful crush

What an amazing day when i went to see my little sister who is now a mother in her school she has always been disturbing me all the time that i should pay her a visitations and i had promise her for long I'm going to come although I'm still a student then but about to be a graduate in that year as i only have like a month or two to leave the school i just decided to go and see my little sister for the first time in her school i told her and she was so happy I'm coming to cut the long story short i got there in the evening she was waiting for me at her school gate so she can take me home she wasn't waiting alone there's this beautiful lady who she called her friend, well i got there and then she said brother meet my friend called Muna we shake 🤝 hands and I'm like wow her hand is soft 🥵 i talk nice to her and she replied so nice to me i must say her voice is tiny and captivating i got carried away lols to be sincere she's beautiful and she looks take away and after little conversations 🤣 we went home and i told my sister her friend is nice 😊.


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My sister who has always been praying for me to have someone in my life was shocked when i said she was nice because i definitely won't say that to anyone my sister ask me if i like her then i said yes to cut the long story short we exchange contact the next day and from there we started talking and all i must say i like her vibes before you know it we became each other's best of friends and from there we started talking about everything

I went back to my own school and after few weeks of communications with this lady i got busy back and that's where the problem started, she's my crush yeah but then i used to love my work then after 2 to 3 months she got tired because i do not use to give her attention and that's where our crushing got crushed, she tired her best so i can stay with her but then i don't know what over come me to the extent that i do not have time for anyone just me alone and my work after few months when I'm already a graduate i called her and told her i want to see her not knowing she had already moved on since i do not give her chance anymore well i got to her school on December 2016 and before i start explaining myself i can see there is no more feelings to cut the long story shot that's how we got departed because of lack of communications but now we are friends and we do talk.

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