A weekend of service to humanity, so much fun teaching people about health matter.

Hello Hive

Its a fulfilled and fun filled weekend for me, I didn't know I would getting so much pleasure giving back to my society.
Although it might just be that I share a fate that makes me look limited and vulnerable but I decided to work against my weakness and turn it to something that strengthen others.


Am proud of my volunteering job at Pearl sickle cell Initiative that deals where we advocate counsel and teach people about this important blood disorder that is ravaging the world and very prevalent in my country.

Health is as important as your blog, your job and everything else. Only when you are healthy you will get the strength and inspiration to carry on with life's activities.

Its sickle cell awareness month throughout the days in September and one of the activities that characterize the days are the series of free genotype test we carry out for the public.

We don't want more sickle cell warriors among us who would live a life of pain from the series of crisis and breakdown that comes with the complications of this disorder...

We had parent and children come for the test but the youths in particular especially love bird came to decide the fate of their love 😂.

We also offer counselling for intending couples who are not compatible genotype wise.

These is an important moment for us and we are glad that our work towards reducing the occasion of children born with sickle cell is fruitful and yielding results.

I was a part of the team and took some random picture of our activities.









What life touching events have you enjoyed doing and how are your weekends going?.

Its my first weekend engagement post and I feel a little shy 🤗

Thanks you for passing by.

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