Weekend Engagement Topic 38 - Flight and it's true origins


Image source](https://www.nps.gov/wrbr/learn/historyculture/thefirstflight.htm)

Another wonderful weekend challenge set by @galenkp and what a great one. For my topic I choose FLIGHT! who doesn't like getting from one end of the planet to another in less and a month and being at the peril of 40ft wave!

I thought I'd use the opportunity to also throw a spanner in the works of history and if by the end of it your mind is blown leaving you wanting to learn more, I won't blame you. I'm also dropping the @homeedders tag in this because it's quite an important thing to Unschool people about.

You'd be forgiven if you thought the Wright Brothers were the first people to invent flight, its what we've been conditioned. But they were not the first not did they come up with the concept.

Humans since the beginning of time had been trying to fly and none so more famous than Divinci, but little to the Italians knowledge did they know that people on the other side of the globe were already taking to the skies.


Indigenous Australians had already developed flight and knew about wing shapes, lift, drag and all that jazz. It was imbedded in thousands of years of knowledge and teachings and utilised in weapons and hunting tools.

In fact when the English invaded Australia it was the most feared weapon as not all boomerangs come back. There are boomerangs that weigh a significant amount and if they hit you they crack your skull open. They are also designed to turn, dip or rise in mid battle to stop their opponents from avoiding the strike. Being able to flank your opponents with a 20 - 30kg log that has a heap of momentum behind it. Invaluable in battle.

The boomerangs in stores today are kids toys, designed for fun and to lure birds out of trees and heard them. No one wants to be throwing a stick and constantly walking up to it to do it again. So just make it come back.

The English spent years studying it and couldn't unlock it nor could the Americans.


Image source](http://www.murrayriver.com.au/education/david-unaipon/)

David Unaipon A.K.A the Divinci of Australia

The famous Aboriginal man who appears on the Australian $50 note and accredited to alot of technological advances not just in Australia but across the globe.

But he is best known (to those that know the story) for being the father of flight.

Born in 1872 and learning of the race to take to the skies David knew what he had in his hand was the most valuable thing on the planet. He worked with many people to implement the technology in Boomerangs into vehicles. Unfortunately David a black man could not afford the patents of his designs and lost the battle to others who took his work and Boomerang technology overseas.

He tried to develop the first helicopter but without financial backing and investors not interested in working with a black man further lost his bid at flight.

In 1903 the Wright brothers took their first short flight, no doubt off the back of the work David had been doing and the rest is history.


Aussies recognise our place in history, where Australia was robbed of another invention based on racial tensions and opinions in other countries. We continue to honour our brothers who achieve greatness.

David Unaipon, the father of flight