Family time quality time: Weekend anniversary celebration


How do you celebrate your parent's anniversary? Do you plan for a surprise party? Hang out? Or just a simple dinner outside?

This weekend is a call for a celebration. It's my mom and dad's 31st anniversary.

And that means we need to make this weekend a special day for them.

The arrival

It's already 7:48 pm when we reach this Thai restaurant. We plan to have a simple dinner here, with our 2 friends and of course complete family.

Mom and Dad already requested their first photo for the night. They want to have quality time together and make sure that they can show how much they love each other.

This place is kinda uphill, so wearing high heels is not that comfortable especially when you have a kid.

Reaching the top with the welcoming waiter is a satisfaction. Of course, another pictorial happened there.

My mom and dad love to have a lot of memories with each other. And I'm their instant photographer. Good thing the place has a lot of Instagramable designs where we can snap and take a picture.

Their pose is just so natural, that they know how to look sweet and in love.

Well, no need to prove it as their devoted hearts already reflect on their actions.

This lovebird also likes to create a story in their every shot. Just like the one in the "bahay kubo".

They remember how Dad used to go to my Mom's house before to make "ligaw" and do some effort to show that he deserves some "Yes".

The pictorial session ended when the waiter said the food was ready.

What's the menu?

We ordered the 2 sets of a family meal. Php 985 each. 1 set is good for 5-6 persons. So 2 sets are just right for us.

Every set of that family meal has Khao pat rice and plain rice, lumpia, mukhbang seafood, stir fry veggies, vegetable salad with soup, pitchers of juice, chicken, and pork teriyaki.

That's a lot of menus so we ordered a few more rice to satisfy our tummy.

Every Thai cuisine is so flavorful and tasty. This restaurant is known for its good food, So it's recommendable.

After eating, we give the cake and gifts to our parents. We also give them "couple shirts". So wearing them needs another snap. And that's the beginning of another unending capture.

What more?

This place has a lot more design to be captured. But coming here at night is not a good time for those snaps. Unless you have a beautiful camera, dark is not a problem to capture.

But all in all, my favorite part of this quality family time this weekend is how we make connections and appreciate relationships.

Family meals, even how simple it is, can be a great opportunity for quality time. Thanks to my parent's anniversary, we have a reason to sit down as a family, eat a meal, and discuss our day.

Disclaimer: All photographs by me, unless otherwise stated.

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