Midnight musings✨[Week 128]

"Midnight musings".

Greetings friends of Weekend Experiences

A grueling and exhausting day's work is finally over; setbacks and unforeseen events have stretched the day late into the night. On the train home, absorbed in my thoughts, I plan the pampering ritual I will perform to pamper myself, relieve tension and recharge my energy. I decide that it will be a relaxing bubble bath, I will enjoy my moment of placidity and stillness. I am brought back to reality by jovial, chattering, high-pitched voices. They are teenage girls questioning themselves and others, heroes or villains. My stop has arrived, I get off the train and it's time to go home.

I have arrived at the apartment complex, I climb the stairs one by one, visualizing how it shortens the arrival to my home, to my sanctuary. I walk barefoot, my aching feet can no longer stand shoes, and the coolness of the floor eases the discomfort, reduces the pressure and improves the circulation in my legs. It's Friday night, I'm happy and excited about the arrival of the weekend, a well-deserved rest is reasonable.

When I open the door of my apartment, my cat is there, Casimiro, my faithful companion, welcomes me showing all his affection, with deep and soft purrs, with tender caresses. It is time to prepare a relaxed atmosphere, we are going to work, and there is no time to lose. After a few minutes, everything is ready, the lighting is dim, only a few candles that give off a distinguished aroma of lavender, the exquisite slow rhythm music with the saxophone as the protagonist, the warm water, an invitation to contact by the mixture of aromas, between almond oil, honey, and essential oils.

Between the late arrival and the preparations for the bath, midnight is approaching, but there is no hurry. I introduce my body in that spring of balsams, I relax placidly and my being responds with pleasure to the compliments, the tension begins to release, my muscles relax, the pain dissipates, the sensation of well-being and comfort makes its entrance.

Relaxed, I review the experiences of the day with my thoughts, in my reverie comes to my mind, the conversation of the girls on the train and I question myself in a monologue, are you a hero or a villain? How will others see you? As a hero or as a villain?

I answer myself: in this earthly existence, all or nothing is chimerical; contrasts, colors, tones or shades will always converge in this blurred and strange cosmos. In tune, I am not the absolute owner of the truth, we all can be because it depends on the intentionality, the prism with which one thinks or the purpose with which one seeks the truth. Maybe I have been a hero or a villain, maybe I have been seen as a hero or a villain. What is proper to my actions (selfhood) comes into play in contrast to what others consider (otherness), which can sometimes be a reflection of what is proper to me. In this becoming, sometimes, our actions can be blurred by others and generate abysses, conflicts with unfortunate looks.

In this human experience that I go through and that is called life, I am the creator and the created. Many times, in my searches, I do not find myself, I get lost. I try to conquer peace, I investigate uncertainty and seek to evolve and accept myself with humility. I faithfully consider that the impulse is in me. It is all part of a perfect plan, even if it often does not make sense. It is time to go to sleep.

Thank you for your visit.

This is my first participation in this community. I hope you like it.


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