Between tentacles and transposons✨[Week 132]

Greetings friends of Weekend Experiences

Considering the options that @galenkp presented us with for this weekend, I was attracted by the weekend animals option, so that will be my choice and related to it will be my participation.

"Between tentacles and transposons "

I really enjoy these discursive activities, because they surprise my brain, from its usual routine frequency, from its hectic action. Yes, it allows me to break my mental schemes, to do brain gymnastics, to exercise my neurons, to activate and strengthen them, by giving them the opportunity to new meditations, to other possibilities, to other points of view, to other perspectives. Not only to my brain, it also facilitates and strengthens my attitude towards life, earthly existence and emotional circumstances. It is a deconstruction, to build and rebuild.

Thinking about an animal for the weekend and perhaps a little further, with the advantage of acquiring it, several animals came to the selection and speculation stage. In my thoughts fluttered a formative experience, with a very particular invertebrate and as allowed any animal of this planet or another, ready I will decide to acquire an octopus. Along these lines I will comment on the conditioning factors for such a decision.

On another occasion I told you about my connection with nature, however, the oceanic world, for me, is a very unknown world. I considered the octopus as my weekend animal, because I would like to study it, observe it, know more about it, learn from it, contrast its behaviors and qualities; in tune I would open the possibility of starting my journey through the marine world. It would be interesting to investigate and contrast what science assures, about its very complex brain, even its power to modify its genetic code if that contributes to its survival. Characteristics that make it one of the most intelligent invertebrates in existence, which goes far beyond the simple uncorking of jars.

My curiosity to interact and learn more about them has been latent for some time, it arose from a formative meeting in which I was asked to investigate and contrast the similarities between the human brain and that of an octopus. At first the question made me delusionally laugh, it seemed absurd that our brain would have similarities with the invertebrate's brain. How wrong I was and very wrong. I mention that we share genetic similarities, we have in common transposon genes or mobile genes, which have been considered to be the guarantors of learning and memory. Also, this characteristic invertebrate is considered a multitasking animal, as it has nine brains, one central and eight distributed in each of its legs; this gives them the amazing ability to perform several independent tasks at the same time. What do you think, what can our intrepid loner do?

Should the encounter materialize, it would be an inquisitive, discovering and perhaps innovative experience to share with the octopus friend.

This is my participation for this weekend. I invite those who want to join the weekend-Engagement concept, here I leave you the link

Thank you for your visit.


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