Ancestral perception✨[Week 129]

"Ancestral perception".

Greetings friends of Weekend Experiences

Considering the options presented to us by @galenkp for this weekend, I was excited about the option of perception change, so that's what my participation will be about.

I often question myself about aspects of the human essence: Where do I come from? Who am I? Where will I go after this existential life? I try to give explanations, but sometimes they are empty, without any support to back up what I have said, but one must always insist on searching for clarifications, even if they are not found.

I always say it, I am very lucky and happy. My work activity comforts me and rewards me generously, because it allows me to be in permanent contact with nature.

I maintain a symbiotic and synergic relationship with nature in all its splendor and complexity. I am part of her and she is part of my outer and inner world, expressed in heterogeneous symbologies and memories; impregnated and engraved in experiences. Lasting experiences in transit, full of emotions and feelings.

Our nature is so magnanimous and vigorous, complex in its different spatial dispositions, that it has marked tangible traces in my existential time. She in herself compiles cosmovisions in biological, geographical, anthropological and affective universes, with aesthetics and perennial movement.

To travel its paths is life, with its smells, its sounds, its tonalities, its contrasts, its unusual shapes and colors, which in unison converge in the perfect harmony of the beauty of the diverse and unequal. It is to find myself in myself, in my being, it calms me, it reassures me, it gives me peace. Nature opens my senses to new experiences, with new views and perspectives, it makes me happy, it is part of my identity.

Mountainous piedmont zone. Venezuela

In tune with the above, I would like to see nature according to the perception of an inhabitant of the Piaroa indigenous people, an indigenous population in voluntary isolation, south of the Orinoco River in Venezuela. Despite efforts, there is little knowledge of their way of life. The willingness to share and express their knowledge through their perceptions would be a very enriching experience for me.

I would have many questions about their cosmovision, that is, how they conceive in their ancestral and millenary existence, the cultural perception of nature immersed in its different dimensions, how they recognize their social and mystical environments; what look they give to life, what would be their planes and levels of the universe, how they manifest their systems of thought, how they conceive the world, the cosmos and in what place is man; I missed what is the conception of time and if they consider the deployment of different and diverse times.

That's a lot of questions for a weekend, but I would be satisfied with the answers to some of them.

Living this experience would contribute to gather elements to find myself and find myself again on this path, in the mirrors of life and the human essence, with an order in the chaos, contributing threads to continue weaving the sieve of my existence.

I close this discursive encounter by expressing that our nature, with its infinity of ecosystems, is an inexhaustible temple of meanings. Unfortunately it is being trampled upon, altering its conservation with negative impacts due to urbanization, logging, burning, tourism, etc.; its importance, preservation and conservation are often underestimated. Its protection and care is everyone's responsibility and our well-being and that of all living beings depends on it.

This is my participation for this weekend. I invite those who want to join the weekend-Engagement concept, here I leave you the link

Thank you for your visit.


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