[W.E 120] Sexy swimming in Blue.

Hey guys I’d like to take part in this week’s engagement by @galenkp

”Weekend blues
I don't mean blue as in sad, I mean blue skies, lakes and oceans or just anything blue. Use only two images that you took yourself in which blue is the prevalent colour and write 300 words explaining the moment. Remember, blue must be the main colour of the images and they need to be your own photos.”

Weekend Experiences

These pictures were taken few months back but I never really posted them😅.

This faithful day was an impromptu decision to swim by me and my friends. I had two options of swimming suit to pick from but I decided to go with this one because the top and bottom were matching.

Anyways I left my house and headed to the location “GOLDEN ROYALE HOTEL”. It had a swimming area. We got there, paid and we were handed towels and shown a changing room with showers.

Luckily for my shy self, we were the only ones that came swimming that day so I felt more free to take pictures.
I also feel like this would be the right time to note that I do not know how to swim 😂. I enjoy entering the pool just to float around with a floater or if it isn’t available I’ll just walk around the shallow end of the pool.

And to think I took swimming lessons back then in my primary school 😅. In my defence I didn’t finish the lessons.

Anyways we played in the pool for a few hours, “Floated” around too , took pictures and had a few drinks. I tried to avoid my hair from getting wet so it wouldn’t ‘shrink’ (virgin hair problems) but that was nearly impossible. The pictures turned out better than expected even though I lost an earring in the process of taking them😂.

Hope you guys like the pictures because they’re a bit old.😇

all images used in this post are mine and were taken with my phone

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