WEEK 146/Weekend Engagement Initiative: Beyond my Boundaries

If you ask me to define myself in one word, I will mention "fighter". Pushing my limits has always been my thing. I could share countless scenarios and moments, but since this piece is all about my recent one, I won't. I am going to stick to the recent gutsy move I made.

In every society, there is a belief that the male figure always takes the bold steps. I would like to send hugs to any parent reading this piece. In fact, it is not easy to raise a pet, not to mention a whole human being or even a family. My parents have been my inspiration since I started reasoning on my own; they are always available for me, day in and day out. I wouldn't have been who I am today without their love and support.

On a blessed day, I encouraged myself to make a very bold decision, and this decision was only between myself and my soul. I made a very hard decision to leave an independent life to serve as a relief to my parents. Independent, not in the context of doing whatever I like, but this decision was to ensure that I never bother my parents with any financial need.

This was when I began leveraging the powers of the blockchain to make something for myself. This was a very courageous move I made. It was in fact a huge push against my boundaries, and I didn't find it easy at all, but I made sure I kept this promise to myself. Until today, I still try my best to keep my promises, and I am currently working on myself so that one day I can give back to my parents what they deserve. I know I can't pay back even a percent of what they have done for me, but I will always ensure they never lack.

Sometimes in life, we have to take the boldest decisions; they make us stronger. I have endured a lot just to make this move, but it hasn't been easy. I feel very proud that, as a student, I am able to reduce some burden on my parents. But I do turn to them whenever things hit harder.

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I hope you found this useful. I am Abdul-Salam Issahaku, from Ghana. I am a student web developer and a blockchain enthusiast. I blog about technology, life and investments. You can follow me to be part of my Hive family. Thank you for your time.

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