Enemy Metal - the adventure grows

This was a great weekend. The family enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach prepared by my sister-in-law Lesley. My mom made a fruit salad and we took drinks along with us.

We swam in the beautiful clear water which was cool but not cold. The weather is extremely hot so we stayed until midday and then left.

Back home and we got busy with the Enemy Metal discord.

My brother Jack has created an arcade game and he has NFT cards which are being sold in packs on the 4th of August.

The lore - with more to come

A YouTuber @cagyjan has joined us and made a video for us which was really great and then he interviewed my brother Jack and there was a second video. Last night he had a live YouTube video where Jack had a short interview. Of course we were all up

This video was quite an eye-opener. It's really amazing to see how much money is involved in gaming.

With all this excitement going on with the game, it was good to just chill at the beach - although I must confess that there was a fair amount of business talk going on with us,

Now we have 9 more days to wait for the launch of the NFT cards.

We call Mondays Metal Monday and its surprising how much better one feels about Mondays- always looking forward to the new announcements from this wonderful team. The team members are spread all over the world. How wonderful the internet is in bringing us all together - and the blockchain - well, what can I say about the amazing benefits of blockchain.

We are living in interesting times. Will keep you updated.

These are the other two videos mentioned:

The interview with Jack

and this was the first:

Very happy that we were spotted by this YouTuber.

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