Photo Exhibit at the Convention Center

It is a rainy Sunday for a visit to see a photo exhibit but we still pushed through and went to the convention center.

Thanks for #SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a and #BeautifulSunday by @ace108. Regardless of how not a good the weather is, let's still find beautiful things around us to make use smile.

We were supposed to visit yesterday one of the few exhibits happening in different parts of the city but there was an event there that made us postpone our plan. We almost did not make it today because we were caught by the lazy bug to the point that we finally agreed not to go. The sun did shine in the morning but by midday, it clearly showed a promise of rain. Once the sky gets dark, we automatically cancel whatever plans we have. When it is a weekend, moving around the city is tough because of the slow pace of traffic. When it rains, just like what happened today, it is hard to get a taxi. So rain and slow traffic is not my thing.

However, after we had our lunch, we were invigorated and have shaken the laziness away to made us decide to go to the exhibit. We had to make it quick because we wanted to get to the venue before the rain hits.

Just a few feet away from the convention center, the rain fell. Lucky us.

This is the entrance to the convention center. There are two photo exhibits on display there right now that will both be there until August 28, 2022. You can visit the center from 9:00 to 6:00.

The theme Breathe Baguio is to remind us to live. We have survived the pandemic. We are here. Let's not take life for granted. A mural can be seen outside the center.

This is the roof of the driveway - a pyramid of glass.

One photo exhibit at the convention center are displayed at the center's lobby.

There are two murals that one can admire which shows the culture and tradition of the Cordillerans. These were done by local artists and one can see the difference styles of each of these artists merging into two masterpieces.

This by the right entrance to the auditorium.

This is to the left entrance to the auditorium.

The city together with Ortigas Foundation Library and Water Dragon, Inc, these photos from Jonathan Best Collection and Ortigas Library Image Bank show us a glimpse of life as it was back then specifically 1900 to 1925. The tradition and culture are still pretty much alive today.

One of the main access roads to the city is Kennon Road which was completed in 1905 but from then rehabilitation does not stop because of continues erosion and landslides brought about by heavy rains.

The images above were taken during the 1900s and that shows how Baguio City looks like before. You can see Burnham Park and the lake.

These are the traditional attire back then. No one wears like now except during presentations or other events.

Different tribes from different regions.

This traditional dancing can still be witnessed today for this is part of any celebration and even when there is death in the family.

Woven basket called kayabang is pretty much in use to this day. Baskets are especially used by farmers to carry their produce from their gardens up the mountains or to anywhere.

I didn't know this means of transport was also done here in the region back in the day.

Hot springs are accessible to the public and anyone can go there and dip in the pool naked which was normal back then but not anymore. The baths for men and women are separate. I know of hot springs in Sadanga, Barlig and Bontoc in Mountain Province and Tuba and Itogon in Benguet. There could be more but these are the places that I know there are hot springs. I have been to them except that of Bontoc.

There are so much more that tells life of the Cordilleran people in photos.

Let's head on to the other photo exhibit at the convention center which are the works of Roland Bay-an, a local artist who paints Ibaloy traditional life and other subjects. He is one of the artists who have mastered impressionism. His works have been featured abroad. He then recently co-founded a group of artists called PasaKalye.

Here are some of his works displayed at the gallery.

The second to the last photo is my favorite so far. It's like a mother and child or a mother and her children. Some of his works displayed there have only been reserved as noted in the small paper with information about the painting. All of these paintings are acrylic on canvass.

Rainy Sunday but it is made beautiful by our visit to the photo exhibit at the convention center.

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