Dinner at Final Option's German Bistro

Finally, ending our weekend experience in La Union at Final Option by having dinner and drinks at German Bistro.

It is always a busy weekend at La Union especially in places like San Juan. Known as a surfing spot, it is expected that weekends are filled with crowd there in San Juan.

We started our weekend at Amigo Cafe and Viewdeck located at Bacnotan.  That was a good place to start for it was our first time to go there not knowing what to expect and we enjoyed our time there, having more time with nature.  We arrived there lunchtime already so we had our fill before heading out again.

From Amigo, we then headed to Immuki Island.  It was our first time to go there too.  This is located in Luna, about an hour's drive from Amigo.  Immuki is a destination that is becoming popular.  I had fun taking reflection photos there.

We spent an hour there before going to San Juan ending our day with sunset viewing and dinner at Final Option's German Bistro.

We tried checking out other places but it was at Final Option that we decided to have dinner.  When we got back from the beach after having a sunset viewing, there was a live band playing outside the bistro.  Lights around in and around the property have also been lit.

We would have wanted to sit in one of the huts near the band but all were occupied or reserved so we had to dine inside the bistro.

This setup in one of the corner beside our table caught my attention right away.

I like the warmth of lights and the woven shade of the lights.  There are wines, coffee and other merchandise on display as well.  There were lots of seats vacant and we chose one across the bar.  The staff were accommodating and attended to us right away.  We can hear the live band and at the same time the bistro was playing their own music which is louder than the one coming from the outside.

I like how the bar looks like.  Lots of lights and things to see there.  It's like the main attraction of the bistro.  There are two barrels in front of it.  Colorful lamps/lights can be seen in and around it.

There was a wide array of beers perfect for #beersaturday and other drinks for you to choose from.  It's always a dilemma when you are faced with options this plenty especially since I haven't tried any of these.  It is tempting to try a lot of these though.

In the end, we settled for draft beer and lager.  I'll get back to that later.

Here's a photo of some of their beverages served there.

We then ordered for food and while waiting for our orders, I took some photos of the entrance.  The bistro is next to the small pool of the hotel.  There were additional seats and tables beside it.

This colorful pole is also attractive.  It is at the center of the bistro.  That's one way to keep it interesting.

The thing with not blogging right away is that I forgot details.  There were two options for their draft beer:  Schweiger Dark and Schweiger Helles.  You can choose between 0.05L or 0.03L.  I definitely remember ordering 0.03L but I can't remember if it was Dark or Helles that I ordered.  I remember that the beer has a light taste to it and some sweetness too.  That costs PHP130.00 (USD2.20)

One of us ordered a lager beer which has a 5% alcohol content.  This was priced at PHP180.00 (USD3.05).  The rest of our companions ordered coffee and frappe.

The food arrived a bit longer than expected.  We ordered cheesy mixed vegetables, fried pork and rice.

I like how the cheese looks like and the color of the meat as well.  The meat was cooked the way I like it.  I like the different kinds of veggies in there.  There was not much seasoning to it.  It is the cheese that gives the saltiness to it.  The meat was just okay.  Nothing special to it.

Price wise, it's expensive for me considering the quality and quantity.  Maybe because the vegetables used were highland vegetables which can be expensive in the lowlands.

These are some of our companions order which I took photo of.  Pinakbet (sauted mixed vegetables) and cheesy caldereta (beef stew).  These will probably be the food I will be ordering next time we will have a dinner at Final Option's German Bistro because these two are more worth the price.  PInakbet or pakbet is my favorite vegetable dish.

I wasn't able to take photos of our other friends' order because they were across the table.

So there goes our dinner at Final Option's German Bistro.  This is also my #MarketFriday entry which is hosted by @dswigle.

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