Weekend Moving

We spent the weekend moving. Moving in I should say. It's been quite a journey. For those not following, we decided to move cross country (or half of it) last month. We moved over 2,000 miles from Colorado to NorthWest Vermont. Pretty far up North, about 20 miles from the Canada border.

Here's some pics of the empty moving boxes.
Have you ever moved long distance? Tell me about your stories.



Exciting times for us, We closed on our house in Colorado the Friday before last, had the movers come in, pack and load Sun/Mon, then started the drive at 21:15 hours Monday night. Traveling with three cats who are not used to travelling was "different". They didn't stop howling the first 3 1/2 hours we drove the first night. The next full 12 hour day of driving and the following days, they were much better, with only a few complaints.

So we then woke up at 04:00 am on Sat, and drove the last four hours to make our 8am closing on the house here in Vermont. We signed papers, then drove 30 minutes to the house to meet the movers at 09:00. All day unloading with the movers on Sat. then all day (14 hours) by ourselves to finish unpacking and moving all the last few piles that they just dumped in the garage because it either lost the markings, or just wasn't room to fit in the designated room until other things unpacked.

I thought we had done a good job cleaning out before the move, but turns out there were still some boxes of "stuff" that we just threw away or took to Goodwill. My wife apparently has a lot of stuff (lol).

Here's a couple pics of "some" of the boxes. We actually used plastic storage bins for the bulk of items, including at least a dozen for my wife's new embroidery business, and all my shooting accessories and ammo. So we are set for storage needs for awhile. Now just finding a place to put it all. We did downsize the house, this one being 1,500 square feet smaller than our last house. While it's well designed for usage, we are finding there is not much storage/closet space. At least not what we are used to. So it seems much will be going to the attic, or part of basement that is unfinished to shelves and storage boxes.

I did do a brief walk of a portion of land yesterday. Found some interesting stuff that I'll post later. Just a hint, the property includes over 30 apple trees, at least one blackberry bush, a garden that is full of pumpkins, tomatoes, squash, and other. I saw my first deer last night eating apples in the field, and some other animal I think maybe a little ground hog.


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