Withered Through Time

Today, the day, is finally come upon me. It’s the day we all tried not to think about as we focus on the blueprint we’ve created to pattern our existence through the vicissitudes of life. As I am laid to rest today, at such an old age, and as you mourn in reality of my loss, do not forget my life as a youngster, when my body was as a fountain streaming with immense strength which left men in awe as I lived with such elegance and affluence. Now, like a freshly plucked flower which withers overtime, my life has lost its bright colors to the darkness that comes with demise, the inevitable visitor that must be entertained by every living being.
I lived a life truly worthy of note. I set out to accomplish goals that seemed impossible a feat to attain, but the love and encouragement of my beautiful wife and children, gave me the much needed push to persevere even as my health continued to deteriorate as the visitor from beyond drew closer with every decline.
My dearest family and friends, please do not let your hearts be saddened by my absence. I know it is hard to lose a loved one, but I encourage you all to take solace in the fact that I am now in a place where age holds no sway over my health.
To my dearest children, grandchildren, and great-grand children, I want you to know that papa loved you all and will continue to love you even in death. You all brought an unmeasurable amount of joy into my life. I died with a heart, full of contentment and without regret.
My darling wife, the moment I met you decades ago, I knew that you and I were going to have a great life together, filled with aesthetics and happiness that is more than I deserved. I loved you everyday and lived a happy life with you. Our kids turned out great because of your great personality, a quality that caught my eyes the first time I saw you. Please my love, do not weep for me. I know your heart will be heavily burdened upon the news of my demise, but I know that you will bear the weight of it and hold down the forte even as you silently grieve.
I will always and forever love you all, in death and whatever comes after. Your beloved husband, dad, grandpa and great-grandpa.

(The Image in this post is mine. Shot with iPhone 7)

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