[WE125] : Backwards and Forwards.

If you had to go forwards or backwards in time by 1000 years which would you choose and why? Explain what your experiences might be, what things would be like and what you may learn on your time travels. Write at least 400 words.


I intentionally had to leave the other other questions in this week's engagement to settle for this because I really found this particular topic interesting which I don't just know why. But interestingly I think that everyone whether old or young at one point in their life have thought of time traveling to the past to change a terrific mistake the made. Maybe somehow karma has caught up with them and they are paying dearly for their actions. Remember what you do today comes back to bite you in the future

Trust me on this. When I say that you should not believe anyone who claims to have no regrets in life. That is a massive lie. Everyone, no matter how happy or successful they are, would like to change a few things about their past if given the chance. It could be a change, a decision, or a choice they made to prevent something from happening to them or a loved one.

Have you ever noticed that when people are sick, especially when they believe they are dying, they begin to reflect on their lives on Earth and wish they could change a few things?? Time travel to the past at this point will help them to fix the mistakes or problems that they are still feeling today.

Well we aren't talking about people the question was directed individually so I should better get to answering mine.


If I had to go forwards or backwards in time by 1000 years, which would I choose and why?

I'll go backwards. I'd like to travel back in time for a variety of reasons. Believe me, there is plenty. Being an inquisitive person is one of the reasons I would like to go back in time. First, I'd like to learn about how people in the Stone Age survived. That is, without electricity or technology. I recall @galenkp asking this question or something similar in some of the previous engagements. I'd like to know how they lived back then, and I'd also like to see if the history books are correct, or if a battle or experiment went completely differently than described.

Another reason is that I want to take advantage of the crypto market and buy as much Bitcoin as I can before it goes up, despite the fact that I know very little about it. Actually, this should be my first reason, but I'll leave it here for now.

Then, on my way back, I might stop to give some condoms to the parents of world-famous tyrant leaders in order to avoid some world wars. I'll also take a break and try to figure out what really happened in Area 51. If they were an alien invasion, as some have speculated.

One thing I know and from movies I've seen overtime about time travel is that, if time travel was at all possible it would be extremely a bad decision to try to alter your past. The consequences of any of the altering you make, however small, could turn out to change a part of you or life that would worsen things.

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